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Describe a symmetric multi processing system?

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Symmetric Multiprocessing, or SMP, is a multiprocessor computer architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single shared main memory. SMP systems allow any processor to work on any task no matter where the data for that task is located in memory; with proper operating system support. SMP systems can easily move tasks between processors to balance the workload efficiently. Hope ive helped.

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Is this UNIX system is multiprocessing system?

no Actually, it is. Unix has multi-processing and multi-tasking capabilities.

What type of os is Linux?

Multi threaded, Multi tasking, multi processing, multi user Operating System

What is the difference between UNIX and other operating system?

Unix is a multi user, multi processing and multi tasking operating system

What is the advantage between multi-threading in a multi-processing operating system?

i need beyluxe multi messenger

Distinguish between multi programming and multi processing?

Distinguish between multi programming and multi processing?

What is the difference between multi processing and multi sharing?

multi processing is nothing but executing multiple thrads on multiple processors at a time....

What are the capabilities of an operating system?

There are seven main capabilities of an operating system:Single user processingMulti-user processingSingle taskingMultitasking or MultiprogrammingMultiprocessing or Parallel processingInterprocessing communicationTime sharing

Describe your experience using a multi line phone?

describe your experience you have in answering a multiline telephone system?

What type of operating system is Unix?

Unix is considered a multi-tasking, multi-processing, multi-user operating system with networking. Although thought of in terms of server based systems it also runs on client workstations and desktops.

What is multi- access processing?

Multi-processing is the capability to support and utilize multiple processor at the same in a computer

What is multi processing in Linux?

Symettric Multi-Processing, or SMP, is actually not just a feature in Linux, but what it is is the capability of a kernel to support multiple CPUs or CPU cores. Of course, usually to take advantage of SMP in an operating system, the program itself must at least be multi-threading aware.

What are threads in operat ing system?

In data processing, threads represent the smallest sets of instructions that can be executed by an OS/processor. Multi-threading refers to processing of many threads concurrently.

Which functions have graphs that are a symmetrical with respect to the origin?

The only shape that is symmetric about a point are a circle, sphere and their multi-dimensional counterparts. There are many more functions that are symmetric about the axes or specific lines.

What is olap?

OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. An OLAP system can be considered as a category of applications and technologies that are used for collecting, managing, processing and presenting multi-dimensional data for analysis and management purposes.

Is it possible to create threads on turbo c?

No, MS-DOS does not support multi-threading (or multi-processing either).

How many types of multiprocessing?

Multi processing is the use of two or more central processing units within a single computer system.There are three types of Multi processing units which includes processor symmetry, instruction and data streams and processor coupling.

What are the 6 types of computer data processing?

a) Batch processingb) Real - Time processingc) online processingd) Distributed processinge) Time sharing Processingf) Multi- processingg) Transaction processingYour welcome :^)explain each:|]

What is a multi-stage classification system?

it's a type of diagram used to describe objects by breaking them down into different cateories

Will a processor can have more than one ALU?

multi-core processing

Whether Linux is a single or multi-user system?

multi-user system

What does the acronym HACMP stand for?

HACMP is an acronym which stands for High Ability Cluster Multi Processing. It is a cluster system by IBM which is used in computer platforms. It was released in 1991.

What is the classification of an operating system?

"OS Classification" ------------------------ Multi-Processor Multi-User Multi-Task Multi-Thread Real-Time

What is dual processing?

Dual processing might mean multi-processing which means using more then one CPU core in order to run a system or program. By using many CPU's you can split the workload of many programs over independent CPU's and reduce the workload. Or speed up the operation of one program written to take advantage of many CPU's (usually called Multi-threaded programs). Hope that helps!

An example of an operating system for multi user multi tasking?


Multi-channel distribution system?

A multichannel distribution system can be called a terminal. It can also be called network, an irrigation system, or a depot.

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