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The trachea is lined by cartilage and divided into two branches. These two branches are called the bronchi. The left bronchus enters the left lung and the right bronchus enters the right lung. Each bronchus is further divided into around 25 smaller branches. These smaller divisions of bronchi are known as the bronchioles. The bronchioles carry air into thealveoli.


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The larynx is the structure that is located between the trachea and the bronchial. The trachea is the tube that runs from the larynx to the bronchi.

The trachea functions as an airway pipe to the larynx.

The Trachea is commonly referred to as the windpipe

The trachea is a structure present in the throat of all animals. The adaptation of the trachea is to pass food into the stomach using specialized muscle contractions.

The cilia which are hair like microscopic structure attached to the epithelial lining of the trachea.

The trachea has cartilaginous rings. The esophagus does not.

the larynx or glottis connect the pharynx and trachea

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The trachea is a firm cartilaginous tube and is a self supporting structure

The epiglottis is a thin leaf shaped structure at the root of the tongue that covers the trachea and keeps out food and liquid from the airway.

the structure of the trachea is much like that of a penis. The tube is called the shaft and the atoms apple is like the scrotium harvesting the testes.

the structure of the trachea is a hole bunch of hulla hoop figures stacked on top of each other its function is to let air travel to the rest of your body

the trachea is anterior in your neck or the stiff part of your throat. the bronchi are connected to the trachea and its the part that splits into the lungs

Yes, the trachea is the first structure classified as a part of the lower respiratory tract.

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to transport air from your throat to the lungs

Windpipe is the common name for the trachea. These names represent the same structure.

The wall of the trachea are supported by rings of stiff cartilage. This structure prevents the trachea from collapsing during inhalation and reduce airway resistance.

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your trachea is the tube in your neck that gets the oxygen to your lungs when you inhale (breathe in) and ejects carbon dioxide when you exhale (breathe out)

That's the epiglottis. It blocks either the trachea or esophagus, depending on whether breathing or eating is happening.

The trachea is the formal name of what is commonly called the windpipe. It functions as the pathway through which air is inhaled and exhaled to and from the lungs.

The right and left mainstem bronchi.

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