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Describe the ways in which the request-reply protocol masks the heterogeneity of operating systems and of computer networks?


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June 22, 2009 9:52PM

An efficient request-reply protocol for a client-server communication and data processing model. Under the novel protocol, a client sends a Request to a server and awaits a Reply. If the Reply is not sent before expiration of a timeout period in the client, the client sends a second Request. The server provides a conditional Acknowledge if a second Request is received from the client. Thereafter, the client waits for the server to transmit a Reply without the client sending additional Requests. Under normal conditions, the inventive protocol performs as well as the best prior art protocol (the optimistic model), while under abnormal conditions, the inventive protocol performs better than the optimistic protocol and only slightly worse than the prior art pessimistic protocol. Since normal conditions should prevail for a substantially longer amount of time than abnormal conditions, the present invention provides better average performance than either prior art client-server protocol.