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These are substances that contain only one type of atoms/molecules. For example, diamond is a pure substance. Diamonds are made of strictly carbon atoms. Melting points and Boiling points of pure substances always remain constant !

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A pure substance is defined as a substance that only has one type of material in it. There should be no contaminates in the substance for it to be pure.

A pure substance that consists of atoms of only one material is an element.

An element is a pured substance and a pure substance is a material

A pure substance is a material which contains atoms of only one kind. It has fixed physical and chemical properties like boiling point, melting point, valency, density etc...

It is a pure substance when everything is mixed and dissolved equally.

A pure substance is a homogeneous material consisting of a single type of particles and definite set of properties.

If all of the molecules of the substance are the same molecule

that the substance only contains a single type of atom

The term "substance" means a pure material that is made of the same matter.

A sample of matter is considered a pure substance when the molecular structure is totally homogeneous. It is a pure substance when this material contain only one type of molecules.

An apple is a mixture. It is not a pure and single substance. It is rather too much complicated structure to describe the composition.

A pure substance or chemical substance is a material that is homogeneous and has constant properties throughout the sample. Water and pure hydrogen are pure substances as well as pure honey (with nothing added).

An aerosol may be pure or an impure material, homogeneous or not.

A pure substance is a material containing only one kind of particle. Aluminum foil is a pure substance since it is made entirely of the element aluminum.

A pure substance is a material that is made of only one compound or element. Salt water is a mixture of two pure substances, salt and water.

Carbon dioxide is pure compound. There is no other material present and hence it is classed as pure.

it is a mixture It is a pure substance It is a pure substance

well Tell the person its a pure substance so a pure substance can only compound one matter

No, because it has many ingredients such as hazelnuts, sugar, and cocoa. A pure substance is a material that has constant composition (is homogeneous) and has consistent properties throughout the sample.

It can be anything. A substance can be described as any material regardless of what it is made of. A pure substance is either an element or a compound.

No. Because a pure substance, no matter if an element, compound, it can only contain one kind of particle .

YES it is a pure substance

pure honey is a pure substance

A pure substance is a material that is not mixed with anything else. All elements on the periodic table are pure substances. ex: hydrogen, nitrogen, iron, gold, mercury, tin, etc.

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