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what is the chemical equation of nitrogen + oxygen= nitric oxide

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What are two reasons for balancing equations for chemical reactions?

two reasons i can think of is that you need a balanced equation to accuratly predict what your products will be. also balancing the equation also tells you how much of each reactant will be needed and how much product will form from the reaction.

What are two reasons for balancing chemical equations?

Reasons are: 1. to obey the law of conservation of mass as atoms can neighter be created nor destroyed during chemical reaction

Does biology have to do with mathematics?

Statistics and mathematics are often used in biology for tracking growth patters in organisms and life, balancing chemical formulas, evolutionary study and many other reasons.

If my computer's server won't load a page is it because my application balancing is off?

There are a variety of reasons for a computer service not loading a page. One of these reasons could be because the application balancing is off.

Why is the chemical equation 2H2 O2 balanced?

2H2 + O2 ---->2H2O is balanced for the following reasons. Hydrogen and oxygen exist as H2 and O2 and not H and O. The product is water with a formula of H2O. To get balance the number of atoms of reactants and the number of atoms of products must be equal. They are in the balanced equation above. For these reasons the equation is balanced.

What is rock balancing and why do people do it?

Rock balancing is an act performed by an individual in which rocks are balanced on top of one another in various positions. There are no tricks or illusions involved. People do it for a number of reasons - an art, discipline, or hobby, depending on the individual who is doing it. It is sometimes done as a performing art, sometimes as a meditation practice, or done as a hobby.

Why would witches cast spells?

There are many reasons for witches to cast spells such as healing, abundance, creating new opportunities, balancing and also simply feel like they are in charge and have power.

Are explosives an example of chemical hazards?

Yes, some explosives are chemical hazards, but not necessarily because they can explode. To be more clear, the category of "chemical hazard" has no bearing on whether or not something is explosive. That is, a chemical is categorized as a "chemical hazard" for reasons that have nothing to do with its ability to explode.

What is the chemical formula for grape juice?

Grape Juice is a not a singular chemical. It is a composition of multiple molecules ranging from vitamins to sugars, and other organic molecules. For these reasons grape juice does not have a chemical formula, nor are grapes a pure a chemical either.

Four reasons why living cells need water?

Chemical ReactionSizeShapeTemperature

What are the main reasons for pubic hair loss?

Shaving, Waxing, or chemical hair removers! :D

Which pocess greater gravity Jupiter or earth?

Jupiter due to the fact that it is a lot bigger and many more reasons which come into the equation

Hair Texture Change?

Hair texture can change for many reasons. Oftentimes, hair texture changes due to chemical processing. Other reasons include, chemotherapy and illness.

Why do mutation occur?

The main reasons are: Errors by DNA polymerase during replication Chemical mutagens Radiation

Why do lanthanides exhibit similar chemical behavior?

The reasons behind this are:They all have almost similar size.They all show the oxidation state of +3.This imparts similar chemical behavior to them.

Why does your body need chemicals?

one of the reasons is to digest your foods. Your saliva is a chemical that helps break down food

What are two reasons why scientists prefer to use chemical equations instead of word equations?

One reason is the chemical equations are much more specific, and the second reason is it is much easier

Is water made physically or chemically?

Physically mixing Hydrogen and Oxygen gases does not magically produce water because water is produced via chemical reactions. Water cannot be practically produced from Hydrogen and Oxygen for many reasons. A hypothetical balanced equation for water would be 2(H2) + O2 => 2(H2O)

Why does your 1996 Camry quit pulling?

There are many reasons. It can be tires, balancing, front bearings, alignment and so on. First of all check tire presure, if it's ok you have to see your mechanic because in home condiiotns there is no way to allignment.

What are the reasons of pollution?

Pollution is the contaminants in the environment that is harmful to all living things. The reasons for having pollution are discharging harmful gases from motor vehicles, chemical plants, plastics and improper disposal of waste.

How would you show that setting of curd is a chemical change?

Setting of curd is a chemical change b'coz when lactobacillus bacteria comes in contact of milk they convert the milk to curd due to some biochemical reasons.

Is wood roting a chemical or physical change?

The rotting of wood is a chemical change because of many reasons. One of the reasons is because when wood rots, it produces mold, which is a new substance. The definition of chemical change is a change that produces one or more new substances. When the wood rots, you are unable to take the rotted wood and mold and make it back into wood that is yet to be rotted. So because the wood produces one (or more) new substances, the rotting of wood is a chemical change.

What are the causes of the chemical spills?

Faults in parts of container and tubing and mechanical failure due to corrosion or fatigue or other scientific reasons

Why is it dangerous for dogs to eat onion?

For unknown chemical reasons, onions (and garlic) can cause a very nasty anemia that can be fatal in dogs.

What is the length and equation of a straight line whose coordinates are 2 3 and 2 3 giving thorough reasons for your answer?

Since both coordinate pairs are identical, this would represent a point. There is no way to determine the length or equation for a single point; you need two points.

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