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what is the chemical equation of nitrogen + oxygen= nitric oxide

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Q: Describle two reasons for balancing chemical equation?
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What are two reasons for balancing equations for chemical reactions?

two reasons i can think of is that you need a balanced equation to accuratly predict what your products will be. also balancing the equation also tells you how much of each reactant will be needed and how much product will form from the reaction.

What are two reasons for balancing chemical equations?

Reasons are: 1. to obey the law of conservation of mass as atoms can neighter be created nor destroyed during chemical reaction

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Statistics and mathematics are often used in biology for tracking growth patters in organisms and life, balancing chemical formulas, evolutionary study and many other reasons.

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Why is the chemical equation 2H2 O2 balanced?

2H2 + O2 ---->2H2O is balanced for the following reasons. Hydrogen and oxygen exist as H2 and O2 and not H and O. The product is water with a formula of H2O. To get balance the number of atoms of reactants and the number of atoms of products must be equal. They are in the balanced equation above. For these reasons the equation is balanced.

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