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Non-metals are volatile. They are also good insulators of both electricity, and heat.Ê There are seventeen non-metals, and most of them are gases.

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It is a mineral or rock which useful metals or non metals can be profitably derived?

The description above is the definition of an ore.

Why are non metals non ductile?

Non metals aren't ductile because non metals lack all properties of metals and metals are ductile.

Differentiate metals to non-metals?

There are a number of ways in which a metal can be differientiate a metal from a non-metals, these involve contrasting the properties between metals and non-metals and testing them to distinguish them from one another. Some contrasting properties between metals and non-metals: 1.) Metals conduct electricity whereas non-metals do not. 2.) Metals are shiny whereas non-metals are not. 3.) Metals are malleable whereas non-metals are brittle. 4.) Metals often have a higher boiling/melting point than non-metals. 4.) Metals are hard whereas non metals are not.

Difference between metals and non metals?

Metals are sonorous but non metals are not sonorous. Metals have a shiny appearance but non metals do not have shiny appearance.

Are most of the element metals or non metals?

Non metals

What are the metals and non metals in your body?

all are non metals

Are noble gases non metals or metals?

non metals

Are metalloids and metals and non-metals the same?

They are in between the metals and non metals

What are the 3 types of elements?

Metals, non-metals and transition metals.

Are most elements metals or non-metals?

The metals outnumber the non-metals by a good margin.

Are tent poles made out of non metals or metals?

non metals

Are metalloids considered metals and non metals?

metalloids are neither metals nor non-metals......... they show properties intermediate between both metals and non-metals.

Which are better metals or non metals?

My opinion would be metal. Since non metals are brittle and dull, I disagree with the non-metals.

Do metal combine well with non-metals?

Yes, metals can be combined with non-metals.

Are inert gases such as helium and neon classified as metals or non-metals?


Which group of metals share the characteristics of metals and non metals?

The transition metals share the characteristics of both metals and non-metals.

Properties of metals and non-metals?

5 properties of non-metal

How many non metals?

there are 20 non-metals

Are there more non-metals or metals?

There are many more metals on the periodic table than non-metals.

Where are the most reactive non metals?

The most reactive non metals are Halogens which may combine most of the metals as well as non metals.

How are metals separated from non-metals?

On a periodic table it is separated by color between metals, non-metals, and metaloids.

Classes of elements?

Metals, non metals and metaloids (which have some of the properties of both metals and non metals).

What forms between metals and non metals?

The properties of metalloids are in between of the properties of metals and non metals.

Why are non metals good insulators?

not all non metals are good insulators only the solid non-metals

Uses of metals and non-metals?

Uses of metals and non-metals include: Metals Tin- preserving food Zinc- medical field Non metals Oxygen- Breathing Chlorine- Purifying water