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Yes, Joe Jonas was dating AJ Michalka, but they brokeup because they never really saw each other.

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How long did joe Jonas and aj michalka date?

Joe Jonas is a famous award winning singer. He only dated Amanda AJ Michalka for a few months in 2006.

Who is aj michalka dating?

she use to date joe Jonas and now is single i think...

Who broke the AJ Michalka and Joe Jonas relationship up?

It was Aj i think It was Aj i think

As of 2008 is Joe Jonas and AJ Michalka still together?

no they are not

Are Joe Jonas and Aj Michalka still friends?

I am sure that Joe and AJ are still friends, they seem to be respectable people.

Did Joe Jonas date AJ Michalka?

Yes, he did, but they broke up because things weren't working out for them. But they are still friends.

Who's AJ that was Joe Jonas girl friend?

Aj is THE sister of aly michalka they have a band called Aly AND AJ.

How old was Joe Jonas when he dated aj?

He Was 16 When He Dated Amanda Michalka

When did Joe Jonas and aj michalka broke up?

NO one really knows ! AND AJ IS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT A SLUT! ' Thank you

How old was a.j Michalka and Joe Jonas when they started dating?

Joe was 16 and Aj, was about 15 at the time (:

Why did aj michalka and Joe Jonas broke up?

Joe Jonas and AJ Michalka broke up because The Jonas Brothers were busy and so were Aly & AJ. It just didn't work because of the lack of time that they got to spend with each other. Also they broke up on August 31st. Hope this helped ya!

Who dated Joe Jonas?

, Mandy Van Duyne, Taylor Swift, AJ Michalka, Camilla Belle

Do the Jonas Brother's like younger women?

Possibly, depending on who she is. I mean, Joe did date AJ Michalka who is 2 years younger than him. So, maybe.

Would Joe Jonas date a blondie?

I know of at least 3 blondes he has dated. Mandy Van Duyne from the song Mandy, AJ Michalka, and Taylor Swift.

Celebrity Relationships Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas and Aj Michalka. But that's long gone. Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus. That's wayyyy over.

Did Joe Jonas go out with Amelia Than Aye?

I am not very sure but I think you mean Aly and Aj Michalka. If that is what you are asking than, no Joe only dated Aj. Lucky girl!!

Did Joe Jonas used to date aj?


Did Joe Jonas and AJ Michalka break up?

a loooongg time ago. keep up. lol. just playin'.

Who is dated with Joe Jonas?

AJ Michalka, Taylor Swift, a childhood friend called 'Mandy' and currently Camilla Belle.

Is Joe Jonas dating AJ Michalka?

Joe Jonas was dating AJ Michalka but they broke up a few years ago. Then he was dating Taylor swift....they ended up breaking it off. He is now rumored to be dating camilla Belle i think that is how u spell it....she was in their lovebug music video, and in 10000 B.C

Who is aly aj dating?

Aj is dating Joe Jones AJ USED to date joe jonas. they broke up though.

Did Joe Jonas date Alyson and aj?

He dated AJ a long time ago.

Did Kevin Jonas actually go out with aj?

No. Joe Jonas went out with aj No. Joe Jonas went out with aj

Are Kevin Jonas and Alyson Michalka dating?

No but Kevin's little brother Joe once dated Aly's little sister AJ.

Who has Joe Jonas dated on Disney?

Joe has dated AJ Michalka,Taylor Swift,Chelsea Staub,and he is dating Demi Lavoto right now 09.