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...but he did quit the fire department

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โˆ™ 2008-08-19 05:08:20
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Q: Did Adam smith eat his own poop?
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I would imagine so, Would you eat your own poop?

Did you eat your own poop?

no you did

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yes they even eat each others poop

Do cows eat their own poop?

Having lived on a dairy for a period of time, I've never seen a cow eat its own poop (aka: cow pie). So no, I don't believe cows eat their own poop.

Why do horses eat their own poop?

Horses eat manure if they are not fed enough, there is hay in poop and if theydon't have any food, they will most likely eat their poop or other horses poop.

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Well if you eat poop, you get VERY sick so i wouldn't eat it even if i was starving

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Dogs may sometimes eat their own poop as their poop will still contain nutrients that they need. To combat this, one can feed them a diet that contains the nutrients they need.

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yes i have 7 red eared sliders and they do eat their poop

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They shouldnt normally

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no its perfectly normal

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Yes they sometime eat and dislocate there shoulders.....

Do worms eat their own poop?

no they do not eat their poop they eat the mud so when they poop the mud i gets more nutrients when the worm digests the mud it becomes fertilizer or compost for plants. hope this helps :)

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A fly will eat anything that can be eaten sometimes a fly eats its own throw up or poop (it also eats human poop or animal poop it eats like allmost everything) gay they actually eat there own babies which are maggots why is it gay ?

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Pigs the dirty creatures

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only if you dont feed them.

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They usually eat them thinking it food but eventually they spit it out

Do rats eat their own poop?

In my experience rats will not eat their own poop. They do however tend to pick it up with their mouth and move it to different locations. Kind of a cleaning ritual. If its in their way they will move it.

Are guinea pigs suppoed to eat their own poop?

its okay if guinea pigs eat their own poop because they don't get enough mineral so they eat their own poop to get it so its okayYeah what she said all though its like Poop it isn't well squishy they eat so they can digest their food properly too.This type of poop contains vitamins, minerals and some proteins that were not absorbed when ingested first time. So in order to get these vitamins, minerals and proteins into their system, guinea pigs reingest this type of poop.

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Yes, not a sane person though.

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Their own poop and diarrhea with a little salt and pepper