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No, Hitler never had any children.

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Who killed adolph Adolph Hitler?

adolf Hitler commited suicide.he was not killed by anyone

When did Alois Adolph Hitler died or Adolf Adolph Hitler father died?

Alois, Hitlers father died when adolf was 13. Hitler was born in 1889

Is Adolph Hitler a vegatarian?

Yes, Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian.

Who was Adolf Adolph Hitler children?

Hitler did not have any children.

Who is Adolf Adolph Hitler children?

Hitler did not have any children.

When did Adolph Hitler diey?

Adolf Hitler died in 1908.

Did Adolf Hitler have any children?

Adolph Hitler did not have any children.

Who succeeded Adolf Adolph Hitler?

After Adolph Hitler committed suicide he was succeeded briefly by Joseph Goebbels as per his will.

How was Adolf Adolph Hitler born?

He came out of his mom

When was adolf Adolph Hitler assacinated?

Adolf Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 by shooting himself.

When was Adolf Adolph Hitler bourne?

Hitler was born on 20 April 1889.

If Adolph Adolph Hitler dead?

His name was Adolf, and yes he is dead, this past 68 years.

Did Adolf Adolph Hitler have childeren?

No, he doesn't have any children

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