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Mabey. Though Einstein is frequently claimed to have had many mental disorders, including some form of high-functioning autism (especially Asperger's Syndrome), there appears to be no basis for this in reality. It is true that he was delayed in his development of language, but that is not in itself sufficient for a diagnosis of autism. He was able to hold employment, could communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, was able to interact with others to the degree that suited him and was purported to have been a womaniser with as many as half a dozen girlfriends alongside his long-term second marriage.

He was, however, an archetypal example of the idiosyncratic personality type which is highly fluid in its thinking and desires non-conformity. Such tendencies could lead an individual to have a strong world of his or her own and fail to take the usual account of other people's shared 'normality'. Hence, having this personality type could contribute to a belief that he had autistic tendencies.

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Q: Did Albert Einstein have autism
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