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- Not at AllNo, he did not. In Henry Mark Holzer's book, "Sweet Land of Liberty", he outlines the reason.

The reason is that he believed that the enumeration of rights would exclude others not mentioned, subjecting the unwritten rights to government predation - James Madison believed otherwise, and the assurance that the rights enumerated in the Constitution were not exhaustive was Amendment IX of the American Constitution.

"[t]he enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

Of course, this was at odds with Hamilton's position as First Secretary of the Treasury, pro-Bank of America (the US's first central bank), strong central government Federalist position later on, but that's another story. =D

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Q: Did Alexander Hamilton want the Bill of Rights?
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Who did Alexander Hamilton want to govern?

Are you talking about Alexander Hamilton, the man on the 10 dollar bill? He didn't want to govern anyone. ^^ That's not what this person was asking. He wanted the rich to be in charge of the government.

What kind of government did Alexander Hamilton want?

Alexander Hamilton was a federalist, and like other federalists, he was in favor of a strong national government. He felt that as long as the national government was powerful and unified, that this was more important than the rights of the individual states.

What did Alexander Hamilton want?

financial growth

Did Alexander Hamilton want National Debt?


Who did Alexander Hamilton want to run the government?

the people

What kinf of economy did Alexander Hamilton want?

the feederalist plan

Why did Alexander Hamilton want a strong national government?

Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong national government because he did not want mainly the power to be in the hands of the state or the people. He did not want to relive the past of when they were under control of the British.

Did Alexander Hamilton like the British?

The British had a Strong National government. Alexander Hamilton want a strong National government. Hamilton and Jefferson were fighting all the time over that. That might be why. Federlists.

Why did Alexander Hamilton want the US to go to war?

Understand by environment

Why were the southerners against Alexander Hamilton's financial plan?

they didn't want the excise taxes Hamilton wanted

What type of government did hamilton want?

Alexander Hamilton was regarded as a founding father of the United States. Hamilton and his group supported a Strong Central Government

Why did delegates want a Bill of Rights?

They wanted more rights for the people. The Bill of Rights was designed and called for its purpose.

Why did Alexander Hamilton want to create a national debt?

It was to enhance the governments credit

Why did people want the Bill of Rights?

To protect their basic rights. Shays' rebellion was an result of a weak constitution and bill of rights.

Why did Americans want a bill of rights to the Constitution?

The Americans wanted their rights protected and they wanted a Bill Of Rights to ensure it was protected

Why did Alexander Hamilton want to create a permanent national debt?

It was to enhance the governments credit

Why did the states want the bills of rights?

The states didn't want the Bill of Rights. The Anti-Federalists did. They wanted to protect the rights of people.

What did North Carolina and Rhode Island want added to the Constitution?

Bill of Rights

Why did many Americans want a bill of rights?

They believed that the constitution needed a bill of rights to restrain the federal government.

What country did Alexander Hamilton want to keep close ties with?

Hamilton wanted to keep close ties with England, Hamilton advocated the English Monarchy, Strong Government and a Centralized Bank.

What things do antifederalists want?

a bill of rights

What did delegates want in the Constitution?

A bill of rights.

Why did the federalists not want a bill of rights?

The federalists did not want a bill of rights because they felt that by writing down the powers of the people, those powers would be limited.

Why were Alexander Hamilton plan to tax the American people opposed by many?

They did not want to bail the northerners out.

Why did Hamilton want to create a national bank?

Alexander Hamilton wanted to assume all of the state's debts from the revolution and create a consistent monetary fund.