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yes in fact he went to torno university

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Was Alfred Nobel a Muslim?

It is a fact that Alfred Nobel is not a Muslim. Alfred Nobel and both of his parents are Swedish.

What nationality was Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was Swedish.

What nationality is Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was from Sweden.

Where was Alfred Nobel from?

Alfred Nobel was from Stockholm Sweden.

Is Alfred Nobel handsome?

Alfred Nobel is dead.

Where did Alfred Nobel go at in elementary school?


What religion did Alfred Nobel convert to?

Alfred Nobel was jewish

What is the invention of Alfred Nobel?

Dynamite is the invention of Alfred Nobel.

Who started the Nobel Prize?

Alfred nobelThe Nobel award is given in the memory of the Sweedish scientist Alfred Nobel.

What was Alfred Nobel known for?

Alfred Nobel is known for inventing dynamite and for the Nobel Peace Prize.

What's the ethnic background of Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was Swedish.

What accomplishments did Alfred Nobel make?

Alfred Nobel made the dynamite.

What Nobel Prize did Alfred nobel invent?

Alfred Nobel Invent Right Nobel prize which Martin Luther King was given

Where did Alfred Nobel live?

Alfred Nobel lived in Sweden, Russia, and Paris.

When was Alfred Nobel born?

Alfred Nobel was born on October 21, 1833.

When did Alfred Nobel invent dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in 1866

Who made the Nobel Peace Prize?

-----nobel :-( :-( Alfred Nobel he he he he he he! :-) :-)

Did Alfred Nobel win the Nobel Prize in chemistry?

No, Alfred Nobel never won the Nobel Prize, because he, the inventor of dynamites, was the one who created the Nobel Prize.

What year did Alfred nobel die?

Alfred Nobel died on December 10, 1896.

What are the names of Alfred Nobel kids?

Alfred Nobel didn't marry or have any children.

Where did Alfred Nobel build the dynamite?

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in Geesthacht, Germany.

Were is Alfred nobel from?

Alfred Nobel was from Stolkholm, Sweden. He was born there October 21, 1833.

Why did Alfred nobel meet ascanio sobrero?

alfred nobel meet ascanio in paris

Who invented the Nobel prize?

Alfred Nobel.

Was Alfred nobel metal?

No, he was a nobel gas

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