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Did America come to Darwins aid when Darwin was bombed?

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No, the whole thing was kept hush hush, most Australians didn't even Know about it until after the 1980's

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What did Darwin infer from his observations of organisms in South America and the Galรกpagos Islands?

Darwin inferred that a small number of different plant and animal species had come to the Galápagos Islands from the mainland (South America), and that their adaptations varied greatly.

Did Charles Darwin come up with the big bang theory?

No, that was after Darwin.

What religion did Charles Darwin follow?

Charles Darwins religion was Unitarian same as his mothers, Unitarian is when you believe in one God and not three Gods (The Trinity) Over the course of his life he abandoned his religion and did not come back to it even on his deathbed. See description of his last hours at Link.

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in 1856

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Darwin was in the Galapagos Islands August to September 1834. It was there that he began wondering about evolution. He returned to England in 1836, and in 1837 Darwin started his first notebook on evolution, secretly.

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Charles Darwin was at home when he started thinking about evolution. He had come from an expedition around the world which had provoked his thinking on the origin of man.