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Did America drop the nuclear bombs on Japan because of the Russians?

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No, the US did not use nuclear weapons on Japan because of the Russians. The use of these weapons forced Japan to surrender and ended World War 2.

America and its allies (including Russia) were at war with Germany and Japan during World War 2. The US developed the atomic bomb during this period, and decided to use it in an attempt to avoid having to invade the Japanese homelands. A landing on Japan and fighting with conventional weapons would have cost many thousands of lives on both sides, and with a nuclear option available, President Wilson chose to use it.

The first weapon ("Little boy") was dropped on Hiroshima. When this demonstration failed to cause Japan to surrender, a second weapon ("Fat Man") was dropped on Nagasaki. After the second blast, Japan threw in the towel and the war ended. Russia is not connected to the use of nuclear weapons on Japan. As stated, Russia was an ally of the US during World War 2. The Russians were busy taking all they could get in Europe after the fall of Germany while the US was dealing with Japan.

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What brought an end to World War 2?

For the British French and Russia it was the fall of Berlin launched by the Russians. For America it was the Nuclear attacks at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also the Russians declared war on japan too.

Did England drop a nuclear bomb on Japan?

No, that was America

What was the year that America dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan?


Did America drop the nuclear bombs on Tokyo?

No, the nuclear bombs which were dropped on Japan, were in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Why does Japan not have nuclear weapons?

Because 2 nuclear weapons were used against japan in WW 2. The population of japan would not permit it.

How many people in japan have nuclear power?

all of the people in japan get there power from nuclear power because that is the only sorce of energy in japan

Did America provoke Japan?

I don't think so, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and America retaliated by bombing Japan with a nuclear warhead, the impact on Japan was so catastrophic that they didn't want to touch America again.

In 1945 America drops 2 nuclear bombs on what country?


What part of japan did America attack with a nuclear bomb?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When did America attack japan with a nuclear bomb?

During World War 2

Who won war war 2 Japanese or America?

America. Japan surrendered after the dropping of the 2 nuclear bombs.

Why was there a nuclear explosion in japan?

Because of the earthquake and the tsunami that followed, Japan got a pretty good "shake" causing the nuclear plants to explode with the possibility of nuclear radiation leaking.

What is the history facts about Alaska?

Inuits founded Alaska, Russians chased Inuits away with a thing called fire, Russians found they couldn't get acess easily to the national vodka trade so they sold it to America, and because America is so awesome we found gold and oil in a land where the Russians were too hungover to look. Palin governed there, Japan invaded there, Putin visited his bear cousins there.

Was the surrender of japan because of a nuclear bomb?

in WW2 yes

Why does Japan want nuclear power?

because their is to much pollution there

Where do Japan keep their nuclear bombs?

Japan has no nuclear weapons.

Who were the first ones to use nuclear weapons in war?

The United States of America used the first nuclear weapon in war, when they bombed Japan.

Why did Japan surrenderd in World War 2?

I believe Japan surrendered because we threatened them with nuclear weapons.

Does Japan has a nuclear capability?

Japan has a large nuclear civil electricity industry, but no nuclear weapons

When did first nuclear weapons first used?

At end of world war two, two were dropped in Japan, which ended the japan - America conflict

Is japan isa member of Nuclear power state?

Japan has nuclear power plants but no nuclear weapons

Has America ever said sorry to Japan for dropping a nuclear bomb on them?

No, but Japan has never been able to apologize meaningfully for making it necessary, either.

Why was the US competing with Russia to get into space?

In 1945 Russia and America were allies. They wanted to beat eachother! America bombed Hiroshima (JAPAN) They Russians felt intimidated! So Russia wanted to beat America to get to space :]

What country uses the most nuclear power in the world?

The largest use of nuclear power plant is in France,China, Japan, U.S.A(United States of America)

Has radiation from Japan killed anyone?

The bombing of Japan at the end of WWII killed MANY PEOPLE because of the nuclear radiation