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no country wants to go to war

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Who was the Vietnam war between?

it was between north Vietnam and America. North Vietnam was a communist country and America didnt want communism spreading as they were capatlists.

Why did America go to war in viet nam?

They were worried about the spread of communism and didn't want Vietnam to be ruled by communists as this would spread communism which is what they didn't want.

What two nations were fighting a war that America did not want to be a part of?

America didn't want to be part of: WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

Why didn't America want communism to spread in Vietnam?

im not sure but they did want to rule Vietnam in a way, and they used the reason: America didnt want Communism to spread, in a way as blame to win the war and therefore rule it afterwards

Who started Vietnam war?

America start vietnam war! Ok boi! Vietnam no start nothing!

When did Vietnam immigrate to America?

because they are not illegal to immigrate they are free to do enething they want :)(;

Why did America get into a fight with Vietnam?

America helped out SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was attacking it.

You whant to go to callege but you are illegal in US?

i want to go in America!it is posible? i want to go in America!it is posible?

Why did the pilgrims want to leave America?

They did not want to leave America they wanted to go there.

How many Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam?

The Vietnam government claimed that about 400,000 Vietnamese were killed by America in Vietnam.

Why did America interfere with the Vietnam war?

because America was controlling the south Vietnam

When was Vietnam Veterans of America created?

Vietnam Veterans of America was created in 1978.

Vietnam war protester did what?

The NUMBER ONE reason for protesting the war was THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO VIETNAM (THE DRAFT!).

What is the conflict for the book cracker the best dog in Vietnam?

one of the conflict is that cracker didn't want to go to the Vietnam

How is the Vietnam war linked to the cold war?

America did not want the communist north to invade the south of vietnam. the cold war was a fight against communism.

Why did Australia and America want to help in the Vietnam war?

Both were members of the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) - as was the Republic of South Vietnam.

Why did the Vietnam war involve America?

Because Eissenhower didn't want communism to spread from Asia

What are the names of soldiers dead in Vietnam?

There are many soldiers that died in Vietnam, if you want a complete list for Americans go to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.

What side were Americans on in the Vietnam war?

?........the Vietnam war was a war between north and south Vietnam and America. America was trying to defend south Vietnam from the north invading and controling their territory. so America was on the side with south Vietnam

What countries were affected by the Vietnam war?

yes chuck i do want to be a hero.the Vietnam war affected many peoples lives including the daily lives of Russia, Vietnam, America, China and all other communist/anti-communistAnsweryes chuck i do want to be a hero.the Vietnam war affected many peoples lives including the daily lives of Russia, Vietnam, America, China and all other communist/anti-communist

Did the Vietnam War make America Stronger?

The Vietnam War made America stronger.

Did France loose the Vietnam war?

Yes. Vietnam was a French colony. They lost a Vietnam War and were thrown out of Vietnam before America tried to win a war in Vietnam. America also lost a Vietnam War.

Who was America supporting in Vietnam?

The Republic of South Vietnam.

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