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Her diary recounts how her initial feelings of dislike for the shy and awkward boy changed as she learned more about him, and the two gradually developed a romantic friendship, which (at least on Anne's part) developed into a strong infatuation, which began to cool as she got to know him better; she wrote in her diary about her frustration at his indifference to religious matters and at his tendency to depend on her.

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Q: Did Anne Frank and Peter van Pels have feelings for each other?
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Did Anne Frank mature throughout the story if so how?

Anne Frank did mature, she matures by her attitude towards her mother, and others and her affection and feelings towards Peter

Did Anne Frank and peter get married?

No Anne Frank and Peter didn't got married as they were under 18 and they were hiding. But of course they loved each other.

Why does Anne Frank tease Peter Vandaan?

Anne Frank-ingstine and Peter Vandaan - Peter Pan!

Was Anne Frank in the Diary of Anne Frank in love with Peter?


Who did Anne Frank date?

Anne Frank went out with Peter Van daan

What did Peter admire about Anne Frank?

peter admires that he can actually have a conversation with anne.

What name does peter call Anne Frank?

peter calls anne frank a wierdo?? Anne Frank is called Mrs. Quack Quack because she talks so much.

Who are the people in Anne Franks family?

Anne, her dad, mom, peter, cat, some other people who protected them until they were caught by the nazi Anne frank,otto frank, margret frank and the mother

Did anne frank really like peter van daan do you think that peter loved anne frank or margot well the answer is that he liked margot as a really good friend but anne was more than that he loved her.?

Peter and Anne liked each other... they would pick on each other. At the end of anne's diary she tells kitty that she liked peter more than a friend.

What did Anne Margot Frank and Peter Van Daan think of each other when they first met?

margot thought he was a cute boy and and anne frank thought he was shy and a dope but later anne developed a romantic relationship for peter

How are Peter and Anne Frank the same?

they are not

Who did Anne Frank had a crush on?


Why does Anne Frank think peter is luckier than her?

Anne Frank wasnt aloud to bring her cat to the secret annex but peter did.

Who was Peter in Anne Frank Diary?

Peter Was Annes 'Friend'

What is peter last name?

peter from anne frank is vans!

How did Margot react to the romance of Anne Frank and Peter?

Margot envies the friendship of Anne and Peter.

Who was Peter in Anne Frank's diary?

Peter was a boy who moved into the "secret annexe" with Anne Frank.

Who are the 5 main characters in remembering Anne Frank?

Anne Frank, Margo Frank, Peter, Dad and Peter's Mum

What does anne frank hide from peter?


Who was Anne Frank hidden with?

Anne Frank was hidden with 7 other people, Hermann Van Pels, Auguste Van Pels, Peter Van Pels, Fritz Pfeffer, Margot Frank, Edith Frank, and her beloved father, Otto Frank.

What did you like in the diary of Anne Frank?

I liked where Anne talked about Peter and their romance.

Why Anne frank uncertain of Peter's affection?

anne is outgoing and peter isnt

Who are the soup eaters in anne frank?

Mr dusselPeter Anne margot

When did Anne frank kiss Peter?

Actually, the first time, Peter kissed Anne. It was on April 15th, 1944.

Who did Anne Frank have a crush on?

Peter van Pels