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Niether,Gus Grissom situated himself in his seat and an exposed wire caught a spark,and since the only thing in there was oxygen a fire broke loose really fast and within 17 seconds all three crew members died.They tried to escape but that was when they bolted the doors shut on the outside not being able to open them from the inside.

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Q: Did Apollo 1 rocket blow up or the command model?
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How many Apollo 11 blew up in space?

Apolli 11 did not blow up (although subsequently, two space shuttles have). I should add that there was a serious accident on Apollo 13, but not to the extent of blowing up the rocket, and no one was killed.

DID Apollo 15 Blow up?

No. Apollo 15 was a successful mission.

Why did Apollo 8 blow up?

Apollo 8 did not blow up. Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon. It returned to the Earth safely. Apollo 13 is the spacecraft that had an explosion while traveling to the moon.

How do you blow up magnesium?

with a rocket launcher

Whats was the name of the spaceship that blow up?

it was the Apollo

A Catherine wheel or rocket is one?

a firework that you set off or a red rocket that can blow out fire

Where did Apollo 13 blow up?

between the moon and earth

What was the mission number of the Apollo that had the main engine blow up causing it not to be able to land on the moon?

Apollo 13

How does a model rocket kill you?

A model rocket could hit you after launch, but the usual death threat is the possibility of a CATO (Catastrophic Failure). This usually results in the motor exploding in some manner which could blow your finger off or kill you according to the motor size. This happens very rarely, but can easily happen if you do not act safely.

Did Apollo 8 blow up?

Yes December 27 1968

What day did the Apollo spaceship blow up?

It was 14/4/1970.

Cause for the oxygen tank to blow up on Apollo 13?

Spark from mixing.