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Did Ashley Tisdale kiss Vanessa Hudgens?


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No don't think so!!! They would never do that they are like best friends. Ashley Tisdale wouldn't kiss a girl I know she wouldn't she wouldn't kiss her B.F.F!!! That is discusting. I hope Miley Cyrus didn't really kiss Ashley Tisdale!!! Miley is a good girl!!! Miley would do that if she was a Bad Girl but she is good.


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well vanessa hudgens did kiss ashey tisdale on the lips witch is can see the pic on Google images just type in vanessa hudgens and Ashley tisdale and i think it is on the second row.hope this answer your qestion.xoxoxo

Yes. Venessa hudgens did kiss ashley tisdale they kissed because a bunch of Ashley's and venessa's friend where playing truth or dare and venessa's dared venessa to kiss ashley on the lipsHaha!NO!

What the hell where did you get that from whoever though of that has a vivid imagination.

Zac has kiss Ashley from Suite life: Odd couples. And no he likes Vanessa! and Ashley is going out with someone else

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A lot from what I hear. yes a lot but Ashley kiss zac

Yes, Corbin Bleu has kissed Ashley Tisdale. That's a rumor. He never kissed Ashley Tisdale.

He did not actually kiss ashely tisdale. It was only a cheek- kiss. They didn't kiss at all. Lucas and Ashley kissed. eew shut it you two

Kiss the girl-Vanessa Hudgens...This is fav music of vanessa hudgens....This music is sooo lovely... And i have a dream-westlife music....

He broke up with her because he had to kiss Gabrella in High school Musical 2 wich ment he had to kiss Vanessa Hudgens and so Ashley got really upset and then they had an argument and so they split up. oh poor Ashley i think Ashley and zac we're a very cute couple zac+Ashley=Zashley GO ZASHLEY BOO ZANESSA lol

Ashley Tisdale produced a video for her song, Kiss the Girl, which can be seen on You Tube. She did not kiss a girl on the video.

NO she didnt kiss a girl before

No, Jodi Benson voices Ariel but Ashley Tisdale has a cover of "Kiss the Girl."

because he likes Ashley tisdale and soon to be zashley <3

They were dating for a while.

no yes she did kiss Ashley tisdale but i don't know if that's her friend. POOR ASHLEY!

it that real colesprouse kiss ashleytisdale

are vanessa hudegns and zac efron still dating

yes they do kiss as on the other answer vanessa is joshs ''seans'' love interest

yes, vanessa kissed zac... you are really dump how they going to married if they didnt kiss

Yes. They have kissed on the lips. Type Miley Cyrus kissing Ashley tisdale into Google Images.and there laslon or gay

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