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As of 4/12/08 the backstreet boys are back together again. OMG!!!! the backstreet boys have never broken up!!! they have taken breaks... but they have never broken up!!! In 2000, the backstreet boys released the album Millenium, and then another CD in about 2002 or so. Then they took a little break and in 2005 they released the CD Never Gone. And then they toured for about a year. Then took another BREAK, and then released Unbreakable in 2007. They have never broken up. ACTUALLY, they didn't even take a break between "Never Gone", and "Unbreakable". As soon as they got done with their Never Gone Tour, they were right back in the studio recording Unbreakable. The last and only break they took was between "Black & Blue", and "Never Gone". Kevin Richardson is gone, but the boys are still going strong without him. They just got done with their Unbreakable tour, and they will be in the studio very shortly recording another album.

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When did the Backstreet Boys get together?

the back street boys got back together in 1997

Did Backstreet Boys split up?

No, the backstreet boys are still together. And I'm happy about it!

The song Everybody Backstreet's Back by Backstreet Boys is on which album?

Backstreet Boys

When was Crawling Back to You - Backstreet Boys song - created?

Crawling Back to You - Backstreet Boys song - was created on 2005-10-11.

Who is the first member of backstreet boy?

There was no first Backstreet Boy, they came together to sing and then came up with the idea of the Backstreet Boys.

Are the Backstreet Boys back together?

They never split up.Everyone thinks they did, but they said they took a well needed break.

The Backstreet Boys second CD?

Backstreet's back

Are the Backstreet Boys still a band?

Yes they are still together.

What album did the Backstreet Boys released in 1997?

"Back Street's Back"

When is the next Backstreet Boys concert?

There have been a number of rumors about when and if the Backstreet Boys would get back together and perform. The most credible report comes from Nick Carter, who told the TV show "Entertainment Tonight" that in April 2016, the Backstreet Boys officially signed a contract to perform in Las Vegas, beginning in January 2017.

Did NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys ever tour together?

i think so

What happened to Kevin from the Backstreet Boys?

Kevin left the group in June of 2006 for acting, though the door is always open to him to come back to the Backstreet Boys.

Did anybody die in the Backstreet Boys?

No one died in the backstreet boys. :)

Who is more popular backstreet boys or blink 182?

Backstreet Boys

When did the Backstreet Boys release the song Everybody?

The song called Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by the Backstreet Boys was released in 1997. This song was released as a single as well as on the album called Backstreet's Back.

Are the Backstreet Boys famous?

The backstreet boys have been extremely famous for many years now, and even though their band broke up, they are now back together. However, in answer to your question, I'm going to have to say yes. They are very famous, and have always been.

On what album does the song All you Have to Give by Backstreet Boys appear?

Backstreet Boys

Who sold more albums pearl jam or Backstreet Boys?

Backstreet Boys

Who sold more albums green day or Backstreet Boys?

Backstreet Boys

Who sold more records backstreet boys or linkin park?

Backstreet Boys

Who sold more records Judas priest or backstreet boys?

Backstreet Boys

Who sold more albums Judas priest or backstreet boys?

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys toured with Jonas Brothers?

NO! The backstreet boys are soooo outdated! They are not singing anymore! The Jonas brothers have NEVER toured with the backstreet boys!

Why there are only 4 boys in Backstreet Boys group?

There are only 4 Backstreet Boys now because Kevin (the 5th) decided to leave the group but there are no hard feelings and he is welcome back to the group if he chooses to return.

Are the Backstreet Boys still singing together?

Yes! They're doing great, actually.