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Did Backstreet Boys get back together?


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January 21, 2009 1:10AM

As of 4/12/08 the backstreet boys are back together again. OMG!!!! the backstreet boys have never broken up!!! they have taken breaks... but they have never broken up!!! In 2000, the backstreet boys released the album Millenium, and then another CD in about 2002 or so. Then they took a little break and in 2005 they released the CD Never Gone. And then they toured for about a year. Then took another BREAK, and then released Unbreakable in 2007. They have never broken up. ACTUALLY, they didn't even take a break between "Never Gone", and "Unbreakable". As soon as they got done with their Never Gone Tour, they were right back in the studio recording Unbreakable. The last and only break they took was between "Black & Blue", and "Never Gone". Kevin Richardson is gone, but the boys are still going strong without him. They just got done with their Unbreakable tour, and they will be in the studio very shortly recording another album.