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Yes he did

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When did Ben Franklin get married?


Was Ben Franklin married?

Yes! He was married to Deborah Read.

Who did Ben Franklin marry?

Benjamin Franklin married Deborah Read

How old was Ben Franklin when he got married?

I thing he wsss 31

Who was benjamin franklin married to?

He was married to Deborah Read. When Ben was in London, she married John Rogers. Decades later, Ben asked Madame Helvetius to marry him but was rejected.

What does Ben Franklin like?

what does Ben Franklin likes

What was ben franklins wife name?

Benjamin Franklin was married to Deborah Read from 1730 to 1774. Their children were Sarah, Francis, and William. Ben Franklin's parents were Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger.

Which president was ben Franklin?

Ben Franklin was never a president.

Did Betsy Ross and ben frenklen get married?

No she would be called Betsy Franklin not Betsy Ross!!

Who invented the first pair of glasses?

Ben Franklin.

Where did Ben Franklin escape to?

Ben Franklin escaped to New York.

When and how did Ben Franklin die?

Ben Franklin Died on April 17th 179

How old was ben Franklin?

The answer to how old was Ben Franklin is 84 years old.

What age did Ben Franklin die?

Ben Franklin died at the age of 84.

Did ben Franklin find electricity?

yes Ben Franklin found Electiricity

Who helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris for the Americans?

Ben Franklin.Ben Franklin

When was Ben Franklin House created?

Ben Franklin House was created in 1923.

Is ben Franklin dead?

Ben Franklin died April 17, 1790

Where is Ben Franklin from?

Ben Franklin was born in Boston, MA on January 17, 1706.

Did ben Franklin have gout?

Yes, Ben Franklin suffered from gout in his later years.

Any memorials of ben franklen?

There's no memorial to anyone named Ben Franklen. However, there is a memorial to Ben FRANKLIN in Philadelphia. There is a memorial of ben Franklin called Benjamin Franklin Craftsman i think

What experiments did Benjamin Franklin do?

what did ben franklin experiment on

What is Ben Franklin skills?

what is ben franklins skills

Who was Benjamin Franklin survived by at the time of his death?

ben Franklin is survived by I DONT KNOW do they ecspect anyone to know ask ben Franklin

How do you spell Ben Frankiln?

This is a transposition of Ben Franklin, colonial statesman Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).

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