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Beyonce was pregnant until January 7th, 2012, when she gave birth to her first child with Jay-Z. Their daughter is named Blue Ivy Carter.

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What has beyonce named her child?


Does Beyonce a child for jayz?

No they do not have kids yet but i think they will

Is jayz and Rihanna dating?

No jay_Z is married to Beyonce and have one child

How long have Beyonce and jayz been dating?

how long have beyonce and jayz been dating

What is update on Beyonce jayz?

beyonce is pregnant

Who is the richest baby in world?

Beyonce & Jayz Has the richest babies Jayz And beyonce are the second richest couple in the world

Does jayz want rihanna?

yes he isn't in to beyonce like he was when she first came out.

Who is with Beyonce in concert?

Her husband JayZ.

Is Beyonce and jayz married?


Is beyonce and jayz engaged?


What is jayz nickname for beyonce?


How did Beyonce get famous now?

because she married JayZ and he has a lot of money and because she is in a group called destiny's child she only married JayZ because he had lot's of money

Is Beyonce cheating on jayz?

Beyonce and Jay have a solid relationship. She is not cheating.

Who was Beyonce's first boyfriend?

jayz(zee)right Justin beiber had a crush on her (beyonce) when he was 7ys and she broke his heart because she "married" jayz(zee)

When did Beyonce and Jayz get married?

They were married in 2009!

When did JayZ and Beyonce get married?

November 19,2009

Is jayz a mason?

- yes he is if his wife beyonce is in it then he is

Who is the dad of beyonce baby?

jayz is the father

Who is older beyonce or jayz?


What sign is jayz and beyonce?

Virgo and Sagittarius

Do Beyonce Really love Jayz?

eat it

How old is Jay-z and Beyonce?

JayZ is 45 and Beyonce is 35

Is jayz going to kill Beyonce?

Is jay z going to kill Beyonce

Is Beyonce and jayz devils?

I dont know about beyonce, but i think Jay-Z is one

When did Beyonce marry jayz?

Beyonce married Jay-Z on April 4th 2008.

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