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Q: Did Big Show Beat HHH On Smackdown for the title?
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Will big show beat daneil Bryan for the world heavy weight title on smackdown?

no daniel bryan beat the big show on smackdown because of mark henery

What was the first title John Cena held?

His First Title Was in 2000 When He won Smackdown Heavyweight Championship Against Big Show

How do you beat big show and mark Henry in smackdown vs raw 2011 as kofi?

John cena

What was the first title John cena won and who did he beat to get it?

it was big show he beat for the united states championship

Did Matt cappotelli wrestle in the WWE?

he was on smackdown in April jobbing to big show he was on smackdown in April jobbing to big show

Who won at over the limit big show or jack swagger?

Big show beat swagger but title did not change hands as won by disqualification

When John Cena starred in his first paper view match who did he beat?

The Big Show for the us title

WWe did RAW bet Smack down bragging rights?

Smackdown beat Raw at last years bragging rights when Raw's Big Show pulled a Benedict Arnold and helped team Smackdown win.

Will the big show be in smackdown versus raw 2009?


What happed to AJ?

Big show ran over on smackdown

Did john cena beat big show?

Yes big time. At WM 20 he beat the big show for the united states title.Wich was John Cena's very first title. And also hes beaten the big show thousands of times. Cena Rocks From GianLuca Rufo one of the biggest John Cena fans.

What wwe brand is big show going to now he is back?