Did Big mama Thornton have a husband?

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No she didnt
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Who is Russell Thornton?

Answer . Russell Thornton is a UCLA professor of Anthropology. . There is also a Russell Thornton who is a well known Canadian poet based in Vancouver.

Is Joe Thornton Related To Shawn Thornton?

They are cousins. But they also played as teamatess on San Jose Sharks at one time...Nope that's Scott Thornton..there is no relation to Shawn from the bruins!

Who is Mama?

Mama is a person that gave birth to you or the person that takescare of you. Some people call mama as a different name like mommy,mother or mum.

Who is Shawn thornton?

Shawn Thornton is a Canadian ice hockey player. He is currently a right winger for the Boston Bruins (NHL). He also played with the Chicago Blackhawks and the Anaheim Ducks.

Who is Matthew Thornton?

Matthew Thornton was one of the final signers of the Declaration of Independence as one of three representatives of the state of New Hampshire. He actually signed later than July 4th on November 4th 1776 when he was elegible to take his congressional seat and signed the declaration. He was an early ( Full Answer )

Who is Tiffany thornton?

Tiffany Thornton Is Tawni In Sonny With A Chance She also Was in Hatching Pete As Jamie! Does this refresh your memory? http://www.quechuahostal.com/fotos/tiffany-thornton-b-1.jpg

Is Tiffany Thornton and Melody Thornton related?

i really don"t think so ....... just cuz they have they have the same last name doesnt make it that they are related...... i would look more into......:D... good luck!

Was Big Mama Thornton a lesbian?

No she was not a lesbian. Another View I don't know how anyone can know for sure. There's lots of rumors about, but nothing more... check out the link I included. Have you heard her song 'Tom Cat' though? I'm sure that's about another woman...

Is your husband a big fat liar?

yes ANSWER: Most of the times yes big time. The rest he is trying to get out of it... NO : My husband is as honest as can be. Only YOU can tell if your husband is s big, fat liar. We are not the psychic hotline. Do you have more info for us to go on ?

Who is Matt Thornton?

Matt Thornton is a left-handed baseball relief pitcher who, as of 2010, plays for the Chicago White Sox, having played for the Seattle Mariners between 2004 and 2005.

How do you your mama?

EASY! she was there when i got arrested. she was there when i had my first kiss. she was my first kiss. shes always there when im taking a shower. she was in my bed when i had sex for the first time. she was there when i went to school. she was there on my first date, sitting right beside me! she wa ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of your husband baby mama and the kids?

Objective: Convince your peers that the children are not genetically connected to your husband. Methodology: In order to drive a wedge in the family unit, one must disassociate the male's natural evolutionary instincts that his characteristics are reflected within his children. To initiate this pr ( Full Answer )

Is big mama like father like son out in theatres?

big mamas like father like son comes out February 18th 2011 i love u all i think this is right jk jk jk i got it this website i tell what new movies out i went to google and typed in new movies that coming out and clicked on the second one.

When does big mamas house 3 come out?

The Company is deciphering weather they should add new rooms, or, mix The House and The House 2 up, likeways, they are both false. The company says also that their final decision will be made by 2014 or earlier, NOTE: they might decline and settle people's entertainment with only the first two games ( Full Answer )

When is big mama 3 coming out?

In Australia, big mama 3 is out in cinema's, but you can go to a website that will tell you the preveiw times, hope this helped :)

How old is Big Mama Thornton?

Big Mama Thornton was born on December 11, 1926 and died on July 25, 1984. Big Mama Thornton would have been 57 years old at the time of death or 88 years old today.

Who is jinniesha thornton?

she is a young female girl that wants to be famous when she grows up !!!!!!!!!!

When did big mama thornton born?

She sadly Died in July the 25th,in 1984 in Los Angeles from a heart attack when she was 57 years old

Who did big mama thornton marry to?

Willie Mae Thornton, Big Mama, Did not marry to anyone. She was alesbian and since her father was a minister and the bible clearlystates homosexuality is wrong he did not approve and there are norecordings of her ever having a partner, so no she was nevermarried and no kids. Willie Mae Thornton was ( Full Answer )

Why did Big Mama Thornton write the song hound dog?

Big Mama Thornton DIDN'T write Hound Dog; it was written by Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller. They would go on to write (more) hits for Elvis Presley, the Coasters, and the Drifters, among others. One of the most important songwriting teams in rock & roll history, they were inducted into the Rock and Ro ( Full Answer )

Why Elvis Presley is more popular than big mama thornton?

Because she ain't nothing but a Hound Dog (note: they both recorded and had success with his song being "Hound Dog"). In actuality Elvis had great success, in recording sales all over the world, starting in 1955 through the passing of his death (sadly) in 1977 whereas Big Mamma Thornton had limited ( Full Answer )

Who directed the film 'Big Mama'?

Big Mama is a film that was directed by Tracy Seretean, although, it is considered a documentary film. Calling Seretean its "director" would be a disservice to the validity of the documentary.

Where can one buy Big Mama Pantyhose?

One can buy big Mama Pantyhose from the following stores: Amazon, eBay, Hips and Curves, Sears, Walmart, Dollar Days, 3 Wishes, Plus Size Clothes Superstore.

What are some of Big Mama Thorton's accomplishments?

Big Mama Thornton has had a number of achievements in her career. Her recording of Hound Dog spent seven weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B charts. She was nominated for numerous Blues music awards and entered into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Who is Curly Thornton?

Emmett Curly Thornton was a politician and an Evangelist. He isknown for his run for President in 1991. He tried to gain theDemocratic nomination that year. But he lost against Bill Clinton.He also is known for establishing the Curly Thornton Ministries,which is believed to have been a cult. He died ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Big Mama been in?

Big Mama has: Played herself in "Bon dia, Catalunya" in 1992. Played herself in "No tenim criteri" in 2000. Played herself in "Per al meu amic... Serrat" in 2006. Played herself in "Banda sonora" in 2007. Performed in "Deleted Scenes" in 2010.

What actors and actresses appeared in Big Bad Mama - 1974?

The cast of Big Bad Mama - 1974 includes: Paul Bartel as Guest at Fancy Party Rob Berger as Charlie Johnson Jay Brooks as Wesley Shannon Christie as Stripper Rick Dano as Bellboy Royal Dano as Reverend Johnson Angie Dickinson as Wilma McClatchie Mickey Fox as Hattie Ralph James as Sheriff Georgia Le ( Full Answer )

How did mama sissoko get the name mama?

Mama Sissoko has been a leader in the Mali music scene since in the late 70's, his musical education career began when he started to play the battery of percussion music instruments at the age of eight and soon moved to Guitar. He was a player in the National Orchestra of Mali for many seasons. As t ( Full Answer )

What has the author Big Mama written?

Big Mama. has written: 'Them Gospel Songs' -- subject(s): African Americans, English Hymns, Music, Religion 'When we were colored' -- subject(s): African Americans, Poetry