Did Bill Cosby have any important achievements?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Did Bill Cosby have any important achievements?
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Does Bill Cosby have any children?


Is there any poems about Bill Cosby?

Yes there is a poem of Bill Cosby called The Only Girl In The World For Me

Does bill maher have any brothers or sisters?

does Bill Cosby have siblings?how was Bill Cosby's home-life was like?what was he famous for?how was Bill Cosby inspired to do what he did?

Did Bill Cosby win any grammys?


Has Bill Cosby broken any world records?

A: No

Does Bill Cosby have any health problems?

Bill Cosby has had a fight with being overweight his entire life. He has also fought high cholesterol, but is trying to lower his numbers by juicing.

Did Bill Cosby have any aunts and uncles?

yes he did his aunt name was Francine

Does Bill Cosby have any siblings?

yes he has three, but one died from rheumatic fever

Do Bill Cosby have any kids in real life?

yes they do... Erika, Erinn, Ennis, Ensa, and Evin

What did Bill Cosby do to help America?

Bill Cosby has helped America in so many different fashions and ways. He taught Americans of all colors that blacks could do anything whites could. Cosby was the first black American to star in a television show, and many other movies such as I Spy. Bill Cosby started the COSBY SHOW in 1984 and in the show he and his wife were doctors and lawyers. People thought that he was crazy because no blacks in television show had ever been in such a high paying important job, they were always the plumber, or a scrubby bus driver. Cosby proved to the world that blacks could, just be just as well as anyother living person. In the COSBY SHOW, Cosby wanted no use of sex, foul language, or any other innapropriate thing to show Americans what an upper-class black family could be like. Cosby's contributions helped end segragation. And, today there are tons and tons of black doctors, lawyers, and judges as well as other jobs partly because of what Bill Cosby did.

How many awards did Camille Cobsy win and what for?

Camille Cosby has not won any awards for herself. However, her husband Bill Cosby has won many awards. See related link for a list.

Did Sean connery ever work with Bill Cosby?

Not in any feature film or in any scheduled TV show. Both played spies in the 1960s, but that's there only connection.