Did Bridget mendler go out with David Henrie?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Did Bridget mendler go out with David Henrie?
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When is Bridget Mendler coming to Melbourne?

Bridget Mendler is coming to Melbourne on the 27th of July (Saturday) 2013 and you are allowed to go and see her for free! (Not meet her in preson But see her...)

Should Adam hicks go out with Bridget mendler?

Yeh, they should!

Did david Henrie go to jail?

yes David Henrie went to jail by challenging someone to a fight.

Did Selena Gomez go out whit David Henrie?

No, she also says that David Henrie is like a big brother for her..

Is david Henrie go to school?


Does David Henrie has a Facebook account?

yes David Henrie does have a facebook account.Just go to the search box and type in his name and you will find it.

Does David Cook sing 'Love Will Tell Us Where To Go'?

Bridget Mendler sings, and is credited as one of the writers of, the song "Love Will Tell Us Where To Go." The song was released on her album, "Hello My Name Is...." There are no indications that David Cook has recorded the song.

Would David Henrie go out with a twelve year old?

No, David Henrie would not date a twelve year old. David Henrie is an adult and it would be illegal for him to date a minor who is twelve years old.

Did david Henrie kissed Lucy hale?

yes you can go on youtube or go to Google and click images and put david Henrie then you wil see a picture of Lucy hale

Can you find Bridget mendler a boyfriend?

You many can if u find her go around finding boys or go on the love machine or go on take me out

Selena Gomez David Henrie?

no Selena and david are so close they wouldn't go out

Did david Henrie go out with Lucy hale?

they went out but broke up