Did Britain help America win in the revolutionary war?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Britain did not help America win the Revolutionary War.

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Q: Did Britain help America win in the revolutionary war?
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What will America win after the Revolutionary War?

After the Revolutionary War America won freedom from Britain.

What good things did Britain do to help America during the Revolutionary war?

about the same as gemrany did to help America during ww2

Was the War for Liberty the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was America's war for liberty from Britain.

What is the war against America and Britain called from the Declaration of Independence?

The war that America fought against Britain to attain freedom was the Revolutionary War. I sincerely hope this will help your ailment :) .

Revolutionary War who was in it?

Great Britain and America

What countries did Americans fight during the Revolutionary War?

America only fought Great Britain, but had help from The Netherlands, Spain, and France.

Who aided Great Britain and who Aided America during the American revolutionary war?

In the Revolutionary War, Great Britain was aided by German Hessian forces, while America obtained troops and support from the French.

Did Italy help America in the revolutionary war?

No, it was France.

Why did the French want to help the Americans during the Revolutionary War?

France and Britain had been fighting in wars for centuries. The most recent war before the Revolutionary War was the Seven Years War when Britain had defeated France and most of North America was handed over to Britain. Now France really had a bone to pick. With the expertise of Dr. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (representing America), King Louis XVI helped Americans in the revolutionary war by sending financial aide and by sending French troops to American shores to defeat Britain in combat. Defeat of Britain with help of France eventually came with the defeat of Cornwallis in Virginia.

What was the name of the war that America gained independence from Britain?

The war fought by the 13 colonies to gain independence from England is called the American Revolution. It resulted in the confirmation of the independence of the soon to be formed United States of America.

Did Poland help the revolution army?

Did Poland help America during the revolutionary war Locating Genealogy Records from the Revolutionary War. Military records of the American Revolutionary War can be of vital .

Was America freed from Britain after the revolutionary war?

Yes, it was. Otherwise the United States might be still part of Britain.