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Why do astronauts wear a special kind of clothing?

The astronauts spacesuits are a type of life support system to keep them alive when outside of the spacecraft. Then it supplies them with air, water, communications, cooling, waste disposal and anything else they need for survival in an environment in which it is impossible to live without it. Th ( Full Answer )

Do doctors wear special clothing?

They typically wear a labcoat. Nurses usually wear scrubs. Doctors often wear a stethoscope and carry around a little clipboard.

What type of clothing do Buddhists wear?

Buddhists wear what everyone else wears in the country they live in. I wear jeans and shorts, my kids dressed like all other teens. Monks and nuns have various styles of robes they wear depending on their particular leanings. Also this can vary by country. If you type in the Dali Lama in Google or Y ( Full Answer )

Do Shinto people wear special clothing?

in the Shinto religion there are special cloths that are part of everyday life . the priest has to wear a Jo-e - this may vary in colour depending on the age and the season they are in. . fundoshi- this is a speical worn underwear worn by men . hakama- this was traditionally worn by men however t ( Full Answer )

What Clothes do Buddhist Monks wear?

Most wear a simple brown robe and ordinary sandals. Most will shave the crown of their heads and most are vegetarians . x x x x x x

Why do Buddhist monks wear orange clothes?

\nSTATEMENTS FROM MONKS FROM A VIHARA NEAR RUSSIA\nYellow is the perfect color to wear whenever your spirits needs an uplift. Yellow carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism, and light. All shades of yellows and golds will cheer you up and help make y ( Full Answer )

Why do doctors wear special clothing?

Doctors wear special clothing to protect themselves and theirpatients during procedures. Most are designed to be disposed ofafter use to prevent the further spread of diseases.

Do Buddhists wear certain clothes?

It depends. Monks and Nuns wear robes. The colors used are traditional depending upon the order they belong to. Lay-people, like me, wear whatever we want, but many of us try not to wear trendy or flashy clothes, to avoid the problem with clinging to others' acceptance, which would be a form of desi ( Full Answer )

Do Jewish people wear special clothes?

Some do, some don't. Not much different from the Pennsylvania Dutch ... they just haven't changed their way of dressing for several hundred years.

What type of clothes do Buddhist people wear and why?

Most people who's religion is Buddhism, have baggy clothes in many different colours & patterns Answer: There is no Buddhist "uniform". Buddhists dress in a manner consistent with the norms of the location in which they live. In America this might be jeans and hoodies, in Scotland even kilts an ( Full Answer )

Does Buddhism people wear special clothing?

Clothing may differ from culture to culture but the accepted standard of clothing when going to a temple or a sacred place is to wear a simple, white dress which covers the area from shoulders to ankles.

Why do Buddhist monks wear maroon clothes?

The Buddha's message about suffering, and the practice ending suffering revolves around "renunciation." What is renunciation?. Many people may thindk the Buddha ment to give up all pleasures and dive head first into a bottomless pit of nothing-ness. I am here to tell you nothing could be further fr ( Full Answer )

What special clothing do jews wear?

Religious Jews wear clothes with fabrics that do not contain a mixture of wool and linen (Deuteronomy 22:11). They wear clothing which is modest. Men and married women cover their hair.

What clothes do buddhist wear?

It depends. Monks and Nuns wear robes. The colors used are traditional depending upon the order they belong to. Lay people, like me, wear whatever we want, but many of us try not to wear trendy or flash clothes to avoid the problem with clinging to others acceptance which would be a form of desire.

Do Sikhs wear special clothes?

Devout Sikhs Always wear Bana Which is Religious Dress and Carry all of the 5 k's kesh- Uncut hair and Turban kara- steel bangle kanga- wooden comb kacchera- cotton undergarments kirpan-ceremonial knife Most Sikhs carry all of the 5k's and Wear normal Clothes In there Day to Day Lives.

What clothes do Buddhist in England wear?

they wear English Buddhist clothes Answer: With the exception of some Buddhist priests, monks and lamas Buddhists wear the clothing typical of their country. Scots Buddhists might wear kilts, firefighting Buddhists raincoats and rubber boots, astronaut Buddhist would wear space suits, nudist Budd ( Full Answer )

When do Norwegians wear special clothing?

We wear special clothes at special occasions like birthdays, our national day ( called 17. mai (17. may)), christmas, new year... The natoinal costume is called Bunad.

What do Buddhists wear to a Buddhist funeral?

The Buddha did not prescribe any rules for this, and so it variesfrom country to country. However, it is common for Buddhists towear white clothes to funerals.

What special clothes do Islamic people wear?

\nA Muslim can wear any style, color, or fabric. The only condition is that the dress should cover the body as is outlined in the Holy Book Quran. The following three Quranic verses explain it.\n. \n"Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make ( Full Answer )

Do Buddhists wear special clothes?

No. With the exception of some of the lamas and monks Buddhists blend in with the clothing styles of the cultures and countries where they live.

Do Afghanistan people have to wear special clothes?

Yes it is comulsry for women to wear veils to cover their faces which if not done could bring heavy punishment as those girls and ladies who refuse to cover thmselves are considered immoral .

Why do judges wear special clothes?

They wear clothing that differentiates them from everyone else in the court room. There is no question in anyone's mind who is in charge.

What clothing does Singapore Buddhist wear?

Buddhists in SIngapore tend to dress like everyone else in Singapore. But then, wherever Buddhists are they tend to dress like othes in their local culture -blue jeans in the USA, saris in India, and nothing at all at nudist camps. The only exception may be monks or lamas ... but even then they are ( Full Answer )

What special clothes do the christans wear?

There is no requirement for a Christain to wear special cloaths. However some Christians (eg monks) wear simple cloaths called habits because they have given up most of their posessions. Also in some Christians the priest and the Choir members may wear robles - but this is by choice not a requiremen ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims wear special clothing at prayer?

No, they should wear clothing that meets Islamic requirements. Women should always use hijab when praying even when she is among her brothers or sisters or what called 'Mehrems" (those who are not entitled for marriage with her). refer to question below.

Do surgeons have to wear special clothing?

yes. the clothes sterile, meaning they are clean this is a precaution to protect the patient as well as the doctor from germs and mishaps. They also have to be static free. Sparks might start a fire when oxygen is in use.

Do they wear special clothes in the quaker church?

The short answer is no, but the question surely arises from the fact that during the second period of Quaker history, at the outset of the 18th Century, and known as The Quietist Period, a concern against ostentation and vanity led Quakers to adopt what amounted almost to a uniform and enforced its ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing and special equipment would you wear to Saturn?

a space suit would be important. though, technically, you cannot go to Saturn. hypothetically you would need a space suit that would keep you warm in the extreme cold (because the sun is far away from saturn) and would protect you from the gases that saturns atmosphere is made up of

Why do Religions require wearing special clothes?

For religious leaders, religions require wearing special clothes per rituals of the religion and to distinguish them from other religions. Religions also require from their believers wearing special clothes out of modesty and submission to God and to avoid illegal sexual excitements. Refer to ( Full Answer )

What special clothing or jewelry do islamic people wear?

For Muslim girls they wear a special clothing item called a burqa or hijab. It is a farz, or duty, of a Muslim girl to wear the Hijab in her life. Men really don't wear anything special, but they do grow beards.

What special clothing did Cleopatra wear?

She would more than likely wear the standard Greek chiton (in expensive fabric) for everyday use. When she was in public she liked dressing up as the goddess Isis and would wear the clothing associated with her.

What type of clothing do mahayana Buddhists wear?

Many Mahayana Buddhists wear colourful yet simple robes. These are quite impractical but they depict their dedication to the Buddhist religion. Mainly monks wear these robes, but some very religious Buddhists wear the robes without being monks. The colours of the robes depend on their status in monk ( Full Answer )

What are the special clothes the Jews wear when they pray?

They don't have special clothes specifically for praying, as long as it's modest. A prayer shawl (tallit or tallis) is worn over the clothes for morning prayer (Shacharit). The head is also covered during prayer, by custom with a kippah (or yarmulke), though any type of hat could be used. Traditiona ( Full Answer )

Do pregnant women wear special clothes?

The clothes that expecting mothers may sometimes wear are called "maternity clothes". They are made to adjust to the changing body of a pregnant female and allow comfort while maintaining style.

What clothes does Buddhist monks wear?

they wear simple plain robes so that it doesn't make them want the latest fashion, craving for something is suffering which results in not using the right thought.

Do Buddhists wear anything special for their religion?

It might be helpful if you think of Buddhists as a large eclecticcollection of people from different cultures and backgrounds thatfollow different approaches to Buddhism. So for example althoughBuddhist monks and nuns are very likely to wear formal robes theymay not all have an identical appearance. ( Full Answer )

Do Catholics have to wear any special clothes?

I don't think so. You just have to be decent and presentable I guess. Answer Individual members of the Catholic Church do not wear any special clothing or underclothing. Those who have made vows to the Church or who are leaders in the Church wear special clothing, for example a nun's habit, a pr ( Full Answer )

Why do religion people wear special clothing?

Religious clothing is worn because of traditions made back when the religion was founded. These traditions were made by the founders, who A) wanted to make the religious clothes unique or B) received instructions from a special person or God/Allah/Gods, etc. to wear them. These analogies ( Full Answer )

What special clothes do they wear in area 51?

The majority of people at Area 51 wear US Air Force uniforms. The area commonly called Area 51 is in reality part of Nellis Air Force Base is Nevada. Nellis AFB and its surrounding area is a testing ground for new and top secret military aircraft. In the area surrounding Nellis AFB, most people dres ( Full Answer )

What special cloths do Muslims wear and why?

They should wear cloth that follows Islam teachings per Quran and prophet Muhammad Sunnah (sayings and practices). Muslims wear the clothes that they like and colors that they prefers but subject to certain rules. Accordingly, Muslims can select the clothing styles and fashions that meet these rules ( Full Answer )

What Clothes do Buddhist females wear?

In Buddhism,there are no any laws.TraditinallyAny light colored clothes which do not show body to outside unnecessarily are worn.

What special food and clothes do christians wear?

Most Christians eat foods that are usual in their culture. There is no special diet a Christian must follow, with the exception of the Catholic who observes several events that dictate their diet. As for clothing Christians mostly wear clothing usual to their culture.