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Q: Did Buzz Aldrin make good grades in school?
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Is buzz Aldrin disabled?

No not at all as he was a astronaut, he would be in good health, and not disabled.

What work do Buzz Aldrin do?

he was a good mason to his country and a well know brother of masonary

Nicknames for Edwin Aldrin?

Edwin Aldrich pet name is Buzz Aldrin, he got it from his younger sister who could not pronounce the word brother, she said it as Buzzer and it stuck for good.

When did buzz Aldrin get an interest in space?

When he was in the army, he got so good that he could do it! He always put an interest in travel when he was a kid.

How did Carrie Underwood do in school have did she have good grades or bad grades?

According to Wikipedia she graduated as a salutatorian so I'm assuming she had good grades in school.

Can you be grunge and have good grades at the same time in school?

Yes, it is possible to be grunge and have good grades at the same school.

Did Jeff Kinney make good grades in school?

yes his grades were good

Effect of failing grades?

Some effects of failing grades. When you have failing grades you don't get good jobs or get scholarships or even pass school. When youhave failing grades and don't pass school you will have to redue school all over again. So try to get good grades through out school.

Will people get attracted when you have good school grades?

Sure. Good grades = smart person!

Did president Abraham Lincoln have good grades in school?

he got very good grades

What is the grades of a kid that is in a public school and a kid that is homeschool?

the grades of school are really bad but grades of a homeschooler is actually really good because they learn at their own pace

If your in 5th grade and you want to be in dental work what do you have to do?

Graduate from high school with good grades, get very good grades in college so that you can get into a good Dental School.

Did Derrick rose get good grades in high school?

Derrick did get good grades and was a honors student.

Is the Gemini space probe still in space?

Good question, but no. The Gemini program was over after Gemini 12, flown by Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin.

What are the chances of being a teacher?

The chances of being a teacher depends on your childhood, middle school and high school grades. If you get good grades, and if you want to be a teacher, there's a good chance you will become a teacher. If you get bad grades, you will be working as a garbage man, so do good in school.

What grades and classes do you have to have in high school to become a Vet?

Good grades of course

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It depends on what your grades are. If they are D's and F's, they are not good. If they are C's, they are average. If they are A's and B's, they are good.

Are high school grades important for law school?

They are not in the US. As long as the college grades show a good track record.

What grades do you need to enter the Harvard school of dental medicine?

really good grades

What are your chances med school?

get good grades

How do you get a scholarhip?

Getting good grades at school

Do you need good grades to get in a good high school?

Depends on high school but mostly yes

Do you need good grades to get into medical school?

Yes you do need good grades just to simply qualify for studies in medicine.

Who was the very first astronaut to go to the moon?

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to walk on the moon in July, 1969 Good Luck ;)

Did James Madison have good grades in school?

yes, he was a good student.