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Did Chad kiss a pig and not Sonny?


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Yes, Chad kisses a pig instead of Sonny because right before they have to kiss, Marshall drops a pig on a trampoline, it bounces into Sonny's hands, so she makes the pig kiss Chad. This is ironic because right before the kiss Sonny says, "I'll kiss you for real when pigs fly." You can see this on episode 18 "Guess Who's Coming to Guest star", aka Sonny with a Chad.


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they dont kiss because sonny avoids it and she makes him kiss a pig

they did ;.) In episode 18 they nearly did but the pig stopped it!! :)

Yes. In 'Sonny with a Kiss' they do.

they do kiss in the Season 2 episodes sonny with a kiss!

'Sonny with a Kiss'They kiss in season 2. In one of the last episodes!! They kiss on the cheek many times but in "Sonny with a Grant" (MAYBE I DON'T HAVE TO MUCH INFO) or in "Sonny with a Kiss". In "Sonny with a kiss", Sonny has the idea of kissing Chad but I don't think she does.

Well not yet, even in the new episode, Sonny with a Chad, they dont kiss. They were supposed to but Chad ends up kissing a pig. (dont believe me, watch it: its on now) Anyways, they havent kissed yet but they might later on.

Yes! In an episode called "sonny with a kiss".

yes they do the kiss in Sonny With A choice after Sonny breaks up with Chad because he ordered a re-count. They kiss because Chad come to Sonny's house and sings to her and then she forgives him and then they kiss.

Season 2 episode 21 (sonny with a kiss)!

Season 2 episode 21 (Sonny With A Kiss)

Well,so far Sonny and Chad went on a fake date and had a fake kiss where Sonny put her hand over Chad's mouth (search "Sonny With A Chance of Dating"),and Demi Lovato,who plays Sonny,said that Sonny and Chad will share a kiss,and in "Falling for the Falls" they start dating,but in a future episode I saw on Wikipedia,it is entitled "Sonny With A Kiss"!

They kiss in November 21 2010

They will kiss on the episode Sonny With a Kiss, which airs on November 21, 2010. :) Source: Wikipedia

The episode was in season 2 episode 21(Sonny with a kiss).

Sonny With a Chance episode 18 "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star" is about how Chad guest stars on So Random!much to the dismay of Sonny because she was supposed to do the sketch with Jackson Tyler, a hot actor, and the sketch she has to do with Chad instead is called "Hottie M T". This sketch is about a paramedic so cute (Chad) that girls hang out at his favorite cafe and purposely hurt or pretend to be hurt when he's around so that they can meet him or he can "make it better". Sonny plays one of the girls who tries to meet him by hurting herself. At first Chad is supposed to fix her injury, but Marshall changes the script so that Chad fixes her injury with a kiss. Chad starts to tease Sonny about it and keeps telling her that she's going to first get nervous, then she'll get lost in his eyes, start dreaming about him, then after the kiss she'll fall in love with him. Sonny does get lost in his eyes and does has the dream. Right before the sketch, Chad accidentally says " You know after the kiss we'll be in love?"Sonny: We?Chad: I said youSonny: No, you said weChad: Ok, fine. "We" is my nickname for "you". We happy?!Then, right before they kiss, a pig lands in in Sonny's hands and she makes the pig kiss Chad instead of her.Chad: ehhhhhh!!!!!!! I kissed a pig!Sonny: And the best part is I didn't have to!Chad: But you wanted toSonny: No I didn'tChad: But you want to nowSonny: Not after you kissed a pigChad: I didn't kiss a pig, a pig kissed me! (As he runs after Sonny)In the end you see the pig having a dream about Chad. During all this Tawni is helping with the sketch and Nico and Grady are running Marshall's office because Marshall had to lend Nico and Grady's dressing room to Chad for the sketch. The pig comes from Nico and Grady because they ordered pigs in a blanket and they actually sent them a pig in a blanket. During the sketch, Marshall is holding the pig, drops it on a trampoline, and the pig soars into Sonny's arms. That explains the pig. Zora is not in this episode of Sonny With a Chance. For more details, watch the episode!:)You can watch this episode at scheduled times on Disney Channel or at under " Sonny with a Chance Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star in three parts.

in season too chad asks sonny out and their dating behind there castmates backs

Chad is the new guest star on So Random, and he and Sonny have to do a sketch together where they will kiss, much to her dismay. Chad then says when Sonny looks into his eyes she will fall in love with him. Sonny takes this seriously, and, worried she will fall in love with Chad tries everything she can to get out of it. Just before the sketch starts Chad said that he and Sonny will be in love accidently slipping that he loves Sonny. In the end, they do the sketch and just as their about to kiss a pig flies into Sonny's hands, so she lets the pig kiss Chad. Meanwhile, Nico and Grady get control of Marshall's office for the day, in exchange for Chad's So Random appearance.

Actually Its episode 20, not 21 called sonny with a kiss. Season 2

Sonny and Chad keep on trying to kiss but the cast keeps on trying to stop them. They finally kiss in the Prop House.

No they do not break up... but they almost did...

She did not kiss him in the first part but everyone thinks she will either in the 2nd part or in sonny with a kiss

they don't kiss sonny puts her hand over chads and kisses her hand actually there are two episodes then one where they went on a fake date and the one where chad was on the so random show. There is also a new episode 12 season 2 where sonny and chad kiss secretly, but sonny doesn't tell anyone because she will have to move back to Wisconsin if anybody knows that Sonny and chad kissed and are still kissing secretly. In this episode, Sonny and Chad kiss twice.

Yes they do. They kiss for about 6-7 seconds on the lips. But they kiss more then once, in 1 episode. Its Sonny with a kiss

It is TV so they are told what to do.

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