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No. My name is not Charles and I was not alive in the Civil War.

Which "Charles" are you talking about?

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When did the English Civil War Charles 1st?

Charles I was the leader of the royalists in the English civil war he was running against Oliver Cromwell and the Parliament, after the civil war Charles was beheaded. :)

English Civil War?

the English civil war all started by Charles I ( Charles Stuart )The English Civil War was a war between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians that lasted from 1642 to 1649. The result was a Parliamentarian victory.

Who led the English Civil War?

King Charles 1st led the English Civil War.

King executed after english civil war?

No English King was executed after the English Civil War. The execution of King Charles I occurred during the Civil War.

Who was first monarch after English Civil War?

The first monarch after the English Civil War was Charles II.

What was the conclusion of the English Civil War?

parliament won the civil war and they killed Charles

In the English Civil War how did Charles power struggle with parliament help to start the English Civil War?

well Charles ! with Parliament because Charles did not give them enough power and so the civil war broke out on really what seems to be Parliament and Charles fighting over power!!!!!!!x

What was the name of the English king who lost his head during the English civil war?

Charles I of England was the English king who lost his head during the English civil war.

Who was king of England during the civil war?

king Charles 1 was king during the English civil war

Why did Charles 1 get beheaded?

Because he lost the English Civil War

What event took place immediately after the English civil war?

The execution of Charles 1 happened immediately after the civil war.

When did the Puritans defeat King Charles 1?

why was king Charles 1 defeated in the English civil war

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