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no he did not

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Did Patrick Swayze appear in both Dirty Dancing and Dirty Dancing Havana Nights?

Nope, Patrick Swayze was only in Dirty Dancing.

Did Patrick Swayze appear in both Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing and Havana Nights?

Yes, he taught Romola Garai's character to dance

Who directed Dirty Dancing?

Emile Ardolino directed dirty dancing

What was the theme tune to dirty dancing?

what was the theme tune to dirty dancing

Who was the Producer in dirty dancing?

=Dirty Dancing was produced by Linda Gottlieb.=

What is the duration of Dirty Dancing?

The duration of Dirty Dancing is 1.67 hours.

What was the waiters name in dirty dancing?

The waiter's name in Dirty Dancing is Robbie.

How many Oscars dirty dancing get?

how many Oscars have dirty dancing won

When was Dirty Dancing created?

Dirty Dancing was created on 1987-08-21.

In Dirty Dancing what is the last song?

the last song in dirty dancing is time of my life.

Who was the manager of kellermans in dirty dancing?

Max Kellerman is the manager of Kellerman's in Dirty Dancing.

When did dirty dancing come out?

Dirty Dancing was released August 21st, 1987 in the USA

How long is the movie Dirty Dancing in minutes?

Dirty Dancing is 100 minutes long.

Who plays baby in dirty dancing?

Jennifer Gray played baby in dirty dancing.

Is Baby the oldest daughter in the dirty dancing movie?

No, She is the younger sister in Dirty Dancing.

Why do some objects appear brown?

Brown objects reflect som light in the yellowish/orangish part of the spectrum. "dirty" orange is called "brown".

In Dirty Dancing what was the year that the movie was set in?

The movie Dirty Dancing was set in the year 1963.

In what year was the movie Dirty Dancing set?

The movie Dirty Dancing (1987) was set in 1963.

Who choreographed the dancing in Dirty Dancing?

Kenny Ortega

Info onto music to dirty dancing?

add my msn and then we'll do dirty dancing ;]

Who played baby in the film dirty dancing?

Jennifer Grey played the character Baby in Dirty Dancing

The final and theme song of the movie dirty dancing is?

The final song in Dirty Dancing is "Time of My Life"

What year was dirty dancing released?

Dirty Dancing (1987) was released in the U.S. on August 17, 1987.

What Oscar did dirty dancing win?

Dirty Dancing won an Oscar for the Best Song for The Time of My Life.

Was twist and shout in the dirty dancing movie?

Yes, it was in one of the scenes where the staff were "dirty dancing" in their quarters.