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No he didn't he still making songs apologizing to Rhianna

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Is chis brown going to stop sinning?

Chris Brown* That is up to him, not to us.

Why did Chris Brown and Rihanna stop dating?

Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and didn't want to get back together with him.

Y did chris brown hit Rihanna?

well I dont know all of it but chris brown and rihanna got into a fight and chris just hitted her and all the kids that love chris brown chris is not bad he is sweet but u should never stop liking chris brown.

Why won't Nickelback stop making music?

NickelBack will not stop making music because they just because they love doing it.

When did eminem stop making music?

He stopped making music after his song Not Afraid in June 4, 2010

What grade did Chris Brown stop Public school?

he stop public schools in 9th grade in virgina

Does norton affect you in making a music disk?

Nortons, the company makes virus protection programs, so how they could stop you making a music disk I cannot be sure. Use of copyrighted music should stop you making a music disk if you do not have the copyright owners permission to use the music

How old was Michael Jackson stop making music with the Jackson 5?

he was 18 when he stopped making music with the Jackson's 5

Did Hollywood undead stop making music?

no they are making a new album which is coming out towards fall

Is Chris Brown on housearest?

stop worring bout dem cuis itz nun of yo business

Why did The Doors stop making music?

The Doors stopped making music because the next two albums after Jim Morrison died were terrible and were not commercial successes.

What record label is Chris Brown signed with?

Man if keri Hilson is goin out the chris brown then I am goin to stop likin chris because I don't lik keri she is fake and he is not having a one nite stand with that ugly girl I lik Rihanna ova here

Who is more famous Rihanna or Chris Brown?

stop these stupid questions because they are wrong. stupid a s s.

Does Chris Brown have a new girlfriend 2011?

None of y'all Chris brown girl friend I am his real girlfriend we went out a the age of 12 now me and Chris. Brown is going to get Mary so don't hate bitchies dont get jealous you dumb bitchies he dont want y'all so stop hating if you response to this your jealous

Did rascal flatts stop making songs and being together?

Heck no they aare still together and making amazing music

When will green day stop making music?

until they die thats what they said at least

Why Did Hollywood Undead Stop Making Music?

Their new album is comming out this summer, 2012.

Iz Chris Brown fine?

Chris Brown is sexy and fine......he is my night and shinning harmor....he is my everything!!! AND SORRY CHRIS BROWN IS ALLLLLLLL MINEEEEE AND NO ONE ELSE SO GET THAT THROUGH YOUR MINE BECAUSE HE ANT GOING NO WHERE BUT IN 2 MY ARMS AND THATS THE REAL TRUTH SO I WANT ALL YOU HATERSS.....2 BACK OFF!! *~LOVE YOOH CHRIS*~!!Yes chris brown is one out of 100000000000 boys cuz he is way out of yo league hes my man not yours so stop thinken he yos

Did Chris Brown leave rihanna?

YES that dike needs to grow her hair back out and stop becoming jealous cause chris saw another girl that was prettier than her HA

Did the Jonas brothers stop making music together?

no they didn't there has just been a couple of rumors

Why did Soulja Boy stop making music?

He didn't, he is still making music.His new song came out without a video on Ja.10,2012

Why did no doubt stop making music?

The band stopped making music because Gwen Stafani was getting more fame than the rest of the band. The band thought it was unfair, and Gwen left on her own.

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