Did Ciara and Bow Wow break up?

Ciara and Bow Wow's Relationship

Here are opinions and input from FAQ Farmers:
  • Some say they are still together. Others say no, they broke up.
  • Yes, they are still together.
  • No, they are not dating. Chris just thinks she's a cool girl and is crushing on her.
  • No, they are not together according to VIBE.
  • Yes, they did break up. Ciara's spokesperson won't comment on why they did, but she did say that it was not amicable, meaning they didn't split on friendly terms.
  • They did break up. Her spokesperson said they did and she can't comment on why. I heard that Ciara is 3 months pregnant and that they made the 'So What' video a few months before she got pregnant. It's Bow Wow's or Romeo's baby; but most likely Bow Wow's because they were still together at the time.