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Clara Barton died at the age of 90 in 1912 - some 47 years after the Civil War ended.

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Q: Did Clara Barton die before or after the civil war?
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When did Clara Barton's parents die?

Clara Barton's parents died when she was 16.

Did Clara Barton die of pneumonia?

Yes, Clara Barton died of double pneumonia.

When did Clara Barton's dad die?

I don't know sorry. maybe when she was in the war. I do know that he died before she did. which means before 1912, when Clara died.

When did Clara Barton die?

Clara Barton died on April 12, 1912 at the age of 90.

When and how did Clara Barton die?

Clara Barton died in April 4, 1912 of natural causes.

How did Clara Hale die?

Clara Barton died of pneumonia

What age did Clara die?

Clara Barton died at age 90!

How old is Clara Barton now since she died?

if Clara Barton didn't die she would be 189 years old

How did Clara Barton's mother die?

Clara Barton was a humanitarian born in 1821. She died in 1912 of tuberculosis. It does not state what her mother died from.

When did Clara Burton die?

Clara Barton died on April 12, 1912.

What age did Clara Barton die?


What did Clara Barton die from?

double pneumonia

Did Clara Barton die in her sleep?


Did any of Clara barton's sister's die?

Yes, Clara Baton's sister Dorothea died when Clara was about 25.

What day did Clara barton die?

dies in 1912

What year did Clara Barton die?

Clara Barton died on April 12th nineteen twelve. I hope people will continue to remember her great achievements

Did Clara Barton did on the Titanic?

Clara Barton, the founder of the American Red Cross, did not die on Titanic. She was born in 1821 and was deceased by the time of the 1912 voyage.

Did Clara Baton die of old age?

No, Clara Barton died because she was very sick.

How did Clara Barton die and when?

She died at age 90 of tuberculosis

How did Clara brother David Barton die?

yes by angie

What date did Clara Barton die?

April 12, 1912

What did Clara Barton die of?

Clara Barton, born in 1821, founded the American Red Cross. She died from tuberculosis when she was 90 years of age.

Were did Clara Barton die?

outside of Washington D.C.

How did Clara Barton earn the nickname the Angel of the Battlefield?

Clara Barton got her nickname because she and her people would visit Civil War battlefields and provide nursing care for the wounded. This was at a time when most people treated for wounds were pretty much left to die or survive on their own after the surgeons finished treating them.

When was Clara Barton born and when did Clara Barton die?

Clara Barton was born December 25,1821. Clara died on April 12, 1912 at age 90 of natural causes.