Clara Barton

Did Clara borton have kids?

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When was Clara Borton born?

December 25, 1821

What did Clara Borton do in the civil war?

she helped in surgery

Did Clara Barton have any kids?

clara barton had 19 kids.

Why Clara borton is famous?

becuse she so nice,and she help,lots of people and open free school and find the red cross.SHE IS AMIZING

When was Hugh Borton born?

Hugh Borton was born in 1902.

When did Hugh Borton die?

Hugh Borton died in 1995.

What was Clara Barton's daughter's name?

Clara Barton did have kids

Why couldn't Clara have kids?

no she did not have kids. Clara devoted her life to helping others but never settled down.

When was Arthur Borton born?

Arthur Borton was born on July 1, 1883.

When was Amyas Borton born?

Amyas Borton was born on 1886-09-20.

When did Amyas Borton die?

Amyas Borton died on 1969-08-15.

When was Babe Borton born?

Babe Borton was born on 1888-08-14.

When did Babe Borton die?

Babe Borton died on 1954-07-29.

When was Pam Borton born?

Pam Borton was born on 1965-08-22.

When was Elizabeth Borton de Treviño born?

Elizabeth Borton de Treviño was born in 1904.

When did Elizabeth Borton de Treviño die?

Elizabeth Borton de Treviño died in 2001.

What has the author Brett Borton written?


What is the birth name of Tom Borton?

Tom Borton's birth name is Thomas William Borton.

Did Clara Barton get married?

Clara never got married an didnt have kids

Did Clara Barton have kids and a husband?


When was Tom Borton born?

Tom Borton was born on January 4, 1956, in Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA.

Did Clara Barton have kids?

no she never had kids she was also never married

What were Clara Barton's children's names?

She did not have any kids. She did not have any kids.

When did Tom Borton die?

Tom Borton died on July 26, 2011, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What did Clara Barton do as a kid?

she loved kids

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