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yes i believe he named all of his paintings.

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What are the issues of Claude Monet paintings?

he didn't have any issues with his paintings except getting frustrated with them and destroying almost 500 of them

Were there any paintings hung in le Louvre that were by Claude Monet?

There were, but they are all in the Musée d'Orsay now.

Did Claude Monet win any awards for painting?

No, there were not many awards to be won at the time.

Did Claude Monet have any kids?

he had 8 kids in total and married 2 but 1 died

Are there any living descendants of Claude Monet?

Yes but the people were deranged mental lunatics who were thrown in an asylums

In which European country did Claude Monet live?

really Monet lived in giverny France England Africa (he got drafted there) and le havre idk if i missed any places.

Does Claude Monet have any bad habits?

hi he loves the old band that was called one direction <3

Did Claude monet have any pets?

yes three dogs and three slaves that he treated like dogs. see haha

What was Leonardo da Vinci's waterlilies?

We have never seen any waterlilies painted by Leonardo. But Claude Monet painted dozens.

Did Claude Monet have any other interests besides painting?

None important, besides organizing his garden as a subject for painting.

I have to do a biography about a person I chose Monet Do you guys know any good books about his life It has to be over 100 pages?

Wikipedia has good information on Monet, with links to other sources. This was written by Claude Monet in 1900: http://www.intermonet.com/biograph/autobigb.htm

When did Edouard Manet draw Springtime?

Manet did not create any drawings that we are aware of, although he did make some lithographs. The closest painting to this name he created is known as "Spring (or Study of Jeanne Demarsy)". I can not find a date for this painting, you can view it at: http://http://www.manetedouard.org/Spring-(or-Study-of-Jeanne-Demarsy).htmlMonet did create a painting named "Springtime" which you can view at: http://www.artsy.net/artwork/claude-monet-springtime. The image above looks more like a painting by Claude Monet.

What is claude Monet's favorite flower?

Surely water lilies which he painted for 30 years. Well, we can't surely determine what was the favorite flower of Claude Monet since there is no any document that verify such fact. But among his numerous subjects are water lilies and sunflowers.

Is paintings a proper noun?

No, the gerund 'paintings' is a common noun, a general word for any paintings of any kind.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing. A proper noun for the common noun 'paintings' is the name of the paintings; for example:"Mona Lisa" painted by Leonardo da Vinci"Spring Morning in the Han Palace" painted by Qiu Ying"American Gothic" painted by Grant Wood

Are there any nhl players with an x in their name?

Claude Giroux. Besides the hundreds of "Alex"s, I can't think of any other last name with an "X" in it.

Are there any famous artists that are french?

Le Nain and Claude, Poussin and Watteau, David and Géricault, Monet and Manet, Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, lots more, and sculptors too, most significantly Rodin.

Did claude debussy write a concerto?

Claude Debussy did not write any concertos

Where there any Venus fly traps in the renaissance period Were they in any paintings?

no there were no venus fly traps. but there where paintings.

Did claude debussy have any children?

Claude Debussy had one daughter, Emma Debussy.

Which of these paintings depicts ancient Greek philosophers?

You have not nominated any paintings to choose from.

Did monet have any daughters?

He didn't have any blood related daughters, but he had step daughters

Are there any cave paintings of people?

Yes, there are cave paintings of people but they are very rare.

How many paintings does Andy Warhol have?

He is dead, so he does not own any paintings or other objects.

Did Renoir start any art movements?

Monet and Renoir were the first impressionists.

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