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He was an impressionist so it is very likely that he painted using the plenair technique.

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What are some of the famous artworks by Claude Monet?

The girl in the white pants,the mosic pattern,the vampire,the cold pattern.

When was White Lilies Island created?

White Lilies Island was created on 2001-11-05.

Why are Calla Lilies used for funerals?

White lilies mean restoration of the soul.

What has the author J Claude White written?

J. Claude White has written: 'Sikkim And Bhutan'

How do flower petals change colors?

yes they can with some food coloring, water white flowers lilies work fine.

What is a type of Lily?

Tiger Lilies, Lilies of the Valley (little white looking bell flowers with a sweet smell).

When was Claude Grahame-White born?

Claude Grahame-White was born on 1879-08-21.

When did Claude Grahame-White die?

Claude Grahame-White died on 1959-08-19.

What do white lilies symbolise?

they represent innocence or purity

Is any more color of white water lily?

Of Course! I've seen water lilies of all colors! Purple, yellow, pink, red...They're everywhere

Are all lilies white?

Lillies can be yellow, purple, orange, red, pink and even chartreuse besides white. Check the Lily Society for examples of lilies in a variety of colors.

Famous French people?

There are many famous French people out there in other countries from France. As they maybe French but don't live there. For Example * Claude Monet, * Pee ere White * Dump Le Rouge and many more.

What are some websites that have photos of white lilies?

There are many different websites that have photos of white lilies. Examples of some of these sites include Photos, Foto Search, Garden Photos, and Better Photo.

Where was Claude Grahame born?

Claude Grahame-White was born in Bursledon, Hampshire in 1879.

Where is a picture of an Easter lily?

Easter lilies are white lilies that are "forced" to bloom for the Easter season. You can take them outside when it is warm enough and have them grow in your garden.

What types of flowers are often given as sympathy gifts after someone has died?

Sympathy flowers often include white flowers such as white roses or white lilies. In addition, the color yellow is often used such as in yellow lilies or gladiolus, roses or sunflowers.

What were Claude Monet's beliefs?

Claude Monet is recognized to be one of the founders of Impressionism. At the origin, the group of the Impressionists is this small group of young painters, all aged from thirty to forty years, sharing a new conception of nature and art. The act of painting and the work of art which results from it are asserted as a pleasure, that of the painter and of his personal creation. Monet felt that nature knows no black or white and nature knows no line. These beliefs resulted in this artist creating beautifully colorful and energetic pieces of work.

What do lilies stand for?

Matthew in the Bible says, "Why do you worry about clothing? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin." White lilies stand for innocence, virginity. Black lilies are associated with a curse. Pink lilies stand for elegance. Yellow lilies mean wealth and nobility. If someone gives you one or one hundred and one lilies, it means that person loves only you. If a person were to give you two lilies, it means that person loves you and is sure you love him. Three lilies means forgiveness. Four lilies means the person will love you always. Five lilies mean there is no regrets. Six lilies means things will be okay. Seven lilies is a way of saying God bless you. Eight lilies means "Please forgive me." Nine lilies means everlasting love. Ten lilies is a way of telling someone that you think he is perfect. Twenty four lilies means that you miss the person. Thirty two lilies means "I will never love anyone but you." Thirty six lilies means "My heart belongs to you. Seventy seven lilies mean "Would you marry me?" One hundred lilies means "I will love you till the day we die."

What actors and actresses appeared in Dreams of White Lilies - 2009?

The cast of Dreams of White Lilies - 2009 includes: Therese Cayaba as Celeste Aina Garcia as Elizabeth Alex Murphy as Richard Anya Nellas as Celeste

What are water lilies?

they are green, circleish shaped leaves that usually bloom white or pink flowers that have like theese stem things that grow in the water. the leave park floats on the top of the water, while the stem thing is underneath. -smiley :)

What techniques did Claude Monet use to paint?

Monet used techniques that were formulated by the Impressionists called Broken Color. He worked with oil paints and at times used pastels. he used a limited number of colors for his paintings:Lead white (modern equivalent = titanium white)Chrome yellow (modern equivalent = cadmium yellow light)Cadmium yellowViridian greenEmerald greenFrench ultramarineCobalt blueMadder red (modern equivalent = alizarin crimson)VermilionIvory black (but only if you're copying a Monet from before 1886)hi

Can a peace lily be pink or purple?

Peace lilies have flowers that are white and during their lives they turn a greenish colour and after another couple of days they turn brown, which is the sign of wilting. A peace lily is not pink or purple, its real colour is white. If you mean just lilies and not only peace lilies, well, of course they can be pink or purple!

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