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The answer is YES! How do I know? It is laying on the desk in front of me. Serial#192178. "Address Sam'l Colt New York US America" imprinted on the top of the barrel. The cylinder has an engraving around it showing a stagecaoch hold-up. This 7-shot revolver was carried throughout the Civil War by my Great-Grandfather. All serial numbers match, including the wedge.

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Q: Did Colt ever make a 7 shot 38 cal revolver?
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What was life like before the colt revolver?

life was not long with 'one' improved with the colt revolver.............

What did Samuel colt develop?

the multiple shot revolver........................

Samuel Colt made a contribution to the advancement of industrialization by the development of?

The Colt 6 shot revolver.

Can 45 schofield be shot out of 45 colt?

The .45 Schofield can be fired in a .45 Long Colt revolver, but the .45 Long Colt cannot be fired in a .45 Schofield revolver.

Who invented 6shot revolver?

Samuel Colt invented the first revolver. I'm not sure if it was a six shot but he invented the first revolver.

Why was the colt revolver important?

Perhaps because the Colt revolver contained six bullets wheras the the S&W at the time only contained five bullets. also, prior to the colt revolver there was only a single shot percussion pistol. The colt gave a man 6 shots instead of a single shot. This made a big difference fighting indians.

Colt detective special 3 inch barrel?

5 shot, 38 spl, revolver I thought Colt only made 6 shot revolvers

What is the value of a Colt 6 shot revolver?

100 to tens of thousands depending on specifics

Why did Samuel colt invent the colt revolver?

It is likely that the WHY had the same answer as why MOST inventors invent anything- for money. There were various types of multi-shot pistols prior to the invention of the revolver, but they were of mixed success. The revolver was well marketed, and a financial success.

When was a colt agent 38 special CTG six shot revolver with the serial number 144803 made?

Your colt agent was made in 1964.

How did the colt revolver impacted current civilization?

The pistol had six shots as opposed to the earlier single shot pistols. So, a Colt shot six times more then the earlier single shot pistols and rifles. The Colt brought reliability that earlier multi-shot firearms lacked.

Why was the colt revolver invented?

The revolver was invented by Samuel Colt as an anecdote for single-shot weapons, which until the invention of the revolver, was all that were available. He seized upon the idea of a gun that could be fired more than once, without having to reload.

Why did Samuel colt make the revolver?

I believe he realized a 'single' shot pistol had no advantages in time of conflict or war. He invisioned a weapon firing several rounds before reloading and that led to a multiple firing revolver...............

When was a colt agent 38 special ctg six shot revolver with serial number 230384 made and aproxx. the worth?

You need to call Colt

How rare is a colt 36 5 shot single action revolver serial number 11028?

Not that rare, but, not that common either.

Can you use colt 45 and colt 45 long in the same pistol?

Actually, the cartridges are .45 ACP (automatic Colt Pistol) and .45 Colt (the cowboy era revolver cartridge. There is not really a Colt 45 Long. Can a revolver shoot both? Some can- they are chambered for the Colt .45 -but to shoot .45 ACP they need a "half moon clip"- a strip of metal that holds 3 of the shorter .45 ACP cartridges. 2 of those fill a 6 shot revolver. The PISTOL (not revolver) that shoots the .45 ACP cannot shoot the .45 Colt- no groove for the extractor to pull a fired cartridge out of the chamber, and it is too long.

What is the approximate year of manufacture for a 6 shot Colt Peacemaker revolver .22LR and .22Magnum with serial number G106885?

A Colt peacemaker with that serial number was made in 1974.

Do they make a 10 shot high standard 22 revolver model R101?

9 shot.

What is the age and value of a 6-shot 32 caliber Colt double action revolver serial 6087 with checkered hard rubber grips with the colt emblem at the top?

it was made about 1907........................

Are there any firearms companies that make a 380 in a 5 shot revolver?


Where is the serial number on a colt 22 caliber long rifle official police issue 6 shot revolver?

Try looking on the butt or crane.

What type of gun was Booth shot with?

John Wilkes Booth was killed by Sgt "Boston" Corbett of the US Army with a Colt .44 cap and ball revolver.

What is a 32 clerke 1st 5-shot revolver worth?

The Clerke revolver is generally considered the cheapest/worst made revolver... Ever. You might be able to get me to take it off your hands if you paid me enough.

What is the difference between a six-shooter and a colt 45?

A Colt 45 is a specific model made by a specific company. Six shooter refers to any brand of six shot revolver made by any company.

What is the name of the Colt revolver that is a 36 cal 5 shot 4.5 barrell 10 overall length?

It appears that this is a Colt New Model Pocket Pistol Of Navy Caliber. The engraving on the cylinder should say Stagecoach Holdup.