Who invented 6shot revolver?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Samuel Colt invented the first revolver. I'm not sure if it was a six shot but he invented the first revolver.

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Q: Who invented 6shot revolver?
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What would be the age and value of a 32 long ctg 6shot 4.5 inch barrel revolver with last patd showing SEPT 1909 SER 215860?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it.

What kind of 22 6shot revolver is this?

It is a Smith & Wesson, possibly a model 17 K-22 Masterpiece. They were made from 1947-1993 (in the blued version shown in your photo) and are extremely good target guns.

Who invented revolver and when?

Samuel Colt invented it in 1836

Who invented and patened the worlds first revolver gun?

patrice revolver

Where was the first revolver made?

Samuel Colt invented the revolver in 1836

When was the pistol revolver invented?

well Samuel colt made it but i don't know when it was invented

Why was the colt revolver invented?

The revolver was invented by Samuel Colt as an anecdote for single-shot weapons, which until the invention of the revolver, was all that were available. He seized upon the idea of a gun that could be fired more than once, without having to reload.

Who invented the first commercially-successful revolver?

black power or cartridge rounds? Colt made the first "practical" revolver, so this was the first commercially successful cartridge revolver. I can't say about black powder... but you should read this: <><><> The first Colt revolvers were black powder handguns. The self contained cartridge was invented later.

Who invented the first revolver gun?

It was Samuel Colt. Also, it was made in1836.

Why was the revolver gun invented?

To kill people at close range instead of using a rifle:P

What is the value of a 22 REVOLER 6 SHOT?

I do not know his first name who invented revolver? That was Cobalt

When was the first revolver invented?

There are examples of "revolving barrel" firearms made before 1500 AD.