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No he did not conquered the Aztec that will be Hernán Cortés

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Q: Did Cristobal Colon conquered the Aztecs?
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Who was the finder of Mexico?

cristobal colon but hernan cotez conquered the land

Where did Cristobal and Colon in Panama get their names?

they got there name from Cristobal Colon

Cuando murio cristobal colon?

Cristobal Colon, otherwise known as Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506.

What nationality was Cristobal Colon?


How did the Aztecs get conquered?

Montezuma is Aztecs conquered.

What do cristobal colon find?

he found honduras

Who descovered Cuba?

Cristobal Colon in 1492

Who discovered west indies islands?

Cristobal Colon

What is Christopher Columbus spanish name?

Cristobal Colon.

What is the highest peak in Columbia?

pico cristobal colon

What is the Anglicized version of Cristobal Colon?

The English version of the name Cristobal Colon is in fact 'Christopher Columbus'. He was born in Italy where his name is Cristoforo Colombo, which became the well-known name Christopher Columbus. However, in Spain, where he lived, he was known as Cristobal Colon for reasons which are now unclear.

Who conquered the Aztecs and Inca's?

The Montezuma conquered the Aztecs in Mexico and Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incas in Peru.