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Dave Pelzer was married twice. He divorced his first wife with whom he had a son. He is now married to his editor.

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Who is Dave Pelzer's wife?

Janet Pelzer

Is Dave pelzer still with wife Marsha?

no no

Is Dave pelzer gay?

no he has a wife and a kid

Who is Dave pelzer first wife?

Real name Phyllis Pelzer (referred to as Patsy in his books)

Did Dave Pelzer ever have kids?

Yes he was 21 last time I checked His name is Stephen Dave had him with his first wife, Phillys Pelzer

What is the Name of Dave Pelzer's wife and kids?

First wife: Phyllis Pelzer (referred to as Patsy in his books) Son (from first wife): Stephen Joseph Pelzer Second wife: Marsha Pelzer (maiden name Donohue)

Who is the mother of Dave pelzer's son Stephen?

The answer that you are looking for is the mother of Stephen Pelzer. And the mother is Dave Pelzer's second wife Martha Pelzer but they divorced in 2005.

Does Dave Pelzer have any kids?

Dave has one son who is 21 years old and had it with his first wife

Who is Dave pelzer son?

Dave pelzer's son is Stephan Pelzer.

Who is Marsha Pelzer?

Marsha Pelzer is the former wife of David Pelzer, who wrote A Child Called "IT", The Lost Boy, A Man Named Dave, plus various self help books.

Where can you find pictures of Dave pelzer?

Go to google images and search Dave Pelzer.

What year was Dave pelzer born?

Dave Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960

Who were the parents of Dave Pelzer?

Stephen and Cathrene pelzer.

What is Dave pelzer dads name?

Stephen Pelzer

Where does Dave Pelzer live now?

Dave Pelzer lives in Rancho mirage ca 9227

Did Dave Pelzer reconcile with his mother Catherine Pelzer?

yes you read about it in A Man Named Dave.

What was Dave Pelzer fathers occupation?

Stephen Joseph Pelzer, Dave Pelzer's father, was a fireman.

What is the birth name of Dave Pelzer?

Dave Pelzer's birth name is David James Pelzer.

Is Dave Pelzer a father?

Yes, he has a 21 year old son called Stephen with his first wife.

What is Dave pelzer moms name?

Catherine Roerva Pelzer

Where did Dave Pelzer go to college?

Dave Pelzer never attended college. he dropped out of high school.

Where did Dave pelzer live most of his life?

Dave Pelzer was born in California, and has spent most of his life there.

Does Dave pelzer have scars?

Dave pelzer does have scars his mother stabbed him in the stomach that scar couldn't have disipeard

What is Dave pelzer's wife's name?

Which wife? :) 1 - Phyllis Pelzer (referred to as Patsy in his books) 2 - Marsha Pelzer 3 - Not sure... rumors have it that he is engaged again.

Did Dave pelzer die?