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No That Is Just A Rumor. Jade Is Not Gay.

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Will jade Smith date?


When was Jade Gilley born?

jade gilley is sixteen but her date of birth is unknowed

What is the birthday of jade goody?

Jade Goodys Date of birth was 5th June 1981

Does beck from victorious want to break up with jade and date tori?

NO, of course not Beck LOVES Jade.

Does jade and beck date now?

No, they are good friends.

Will Justin Bieber ever date a girl named Jade?

No but he will date a guy named Paul

Davey havok jeffree star?

They used to date, but now their just really good friends.

Do Beck and Tori date on Victorious?

No, Beck is dating Jade.

When is Andre in jade going to date on victorious?

the next show in about 10 mins.

Who is Davey Havok's girlfriend?

Brittany Bowen aka Brittany Bao. Breakup rumors are not true. They eat at a restraunt near my work and I see them together all the time. Davey Havok is dating someone named Brittany Bao. UPDATE: This is very up-to-date info on Brittany Bao (Davey Havok's supposed girlfriend). No word if he is in a new relationship or not. But Brittany is not with Davey anymore (as of 2011).

Will beck and tori date on the new episode of victorious?

No. Beck is still dating Jade.

Is christian beadles ready to date?

he is already dating.Christian is currently dating an English girl called Jade Jackson. jade ad Christian forever<3 <3

What actors and actresses appeared in How to Get Your Friend a Date - 2009?

The cast of How to Get Your Friend a Date - 2009 includes: Tara Marie Kirk as Kirsten Bryan Tull as Davey

Does Tori and Beck date?

I think Tori and Beck should date because jade is really mean to beck and beck helps tori through alooootttt of things and tori did to, but when beck made his move to kiss tori she stoped it because beck and jade broke up and there "friends" like tori PLEASE DATE HIM I BEG YOU!

Would Christian Beadles date a fifteen year old?

no he is currently dating jade jackson!

Would Leo Howard date a girl named jade?

If Leo Howard really likes that girl than I think that he would really date her.

Do beck and jade off victorious really date?

No. In real life they are just really good friends.

Did Emma Watson and Tom Felton date?

No. They never dated. Tom Felton has a girlfriend called Jade Olivia.

Did Christian Beadles ever date anyone?

He is now dating jade Jackson known as beadles. That's his first girlfriend.

Workman discover a Jade plaque dated AD 320 How can this be?

If the date was assigned by experts that is one thing, if 320 AD was actually on the plaque it means something other than the date.

Are tori and beck dating?

No. Beck and Jade used to date but they broke up on the episode "The Wost Couple" but according to Dan (creator of victorious) on twitter, they will be getting back together in an episode named "Tori saves Beck and Jade".

How did Christian beadles meet his girlfriend?

Yes! according to entertainment magazine. Jade beadles. or known as jade Jackson are currently dating.. Public say Jade Beadles. Formally known as Jade Jackson are dating.. They apparenly met on Holiday. She was on a road trip with the family and met during a fanfaze. They dated over the Easter holidays and continuted to date, they are officially dating now. But are visting each other in June.

Will christian beadles ever date a girl that he just met?

im not exactly sure who this person is, but no one should date anyone they just met. Anyways He's dating jade jackson.

Do any of the Harry Potter cast date?

They don't date each other, but many of them have a gf/bf. Tom Felton dates Jade Olivia Gordon, Emma Watson's boyfriend is Will, etc.

What actors and actresses appeared in Double Date - 2010?

The cast of Double Date - 2010 includes: Lucy Jade Norris as Julie Asier Macazaga as Alberto Rita Raider as Patrice

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