Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Big Time Rush is a teen comedy about a boy band from Minnesota. It debuted on Nickelodeon in January 2010.

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Big Time Rush (TV Series)

When do tickets for Big Time Rush go on sale?

Whenever they go on tour. You can either order on or You can also buy on eBay but that would be my last website to order on because people can sell fake tickets and fool people real easily.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Is anyone from big time rush gay?

No, they are not.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What are some Big Time Rush quotes?

These are quotes from a show on Nickelodeon called "Big Time Rush".

"Opportunities like this come once in a lifetime"~ Kendall Knight

"I'm James"~ James Diamond (he says that when he sees pretty girls)

"It's Helmet Time"~ Carlos Garcia

"Apparently, I'm a genius."~ Logan Mitchell

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Does Big Time Rush have a 2nd CD out?

they now have 2 Cd's out (big time rush and elevate) and recently released the soundtrack to Big Time Movie.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What is the big time chat codewords?

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

How long has btr been friend?

Probably since the show started.

Celebrity Sexual Orientation
Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What is James Maslow's sexual orientation?

James Maslow, the American singer/actor with Big Time Rush, has not stated his sexual preference in public. speculate on what is personal and private information to any individual.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Where to watch big time school of ro cque on btr?

You can watch it when they play it on nickelodeon again, you can look it up,, or buy it on iTunes.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)
Jordin Sparks

Did Big Time Rush sing with Jordan Sparks?

Yes, Jordin Sparks was in an episode of Big Time Rush called, "Big Time Sparks". She does sing a song with them called, "Count On You". You can buy it on iTunes and it is on the Big Time Rush C.D.

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Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What is kendalls hair color from Big Time Rush?

Kendall's hair is a dirty blond color.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

How do you get tickets to Big Time Rush taping?

Well, just go online like so and then go to big time rush website and- LOOK IT UP IN A BOOK LADY!

Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages
Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What is Daniella Rush's birthday?

Daniella Rush was born on September 17, 1976.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What is the swagger app that Logen from big time rush used?

It is just fake. They use it so people think he is using a app but really its just a phone. If it is a real app then they must of created one themselves because they do not sell a swagger app at the app store.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)
How To

How to email Stephen Kramer glickman?

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Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Who plays Megan on Big Time Rush?

There is no Meghan on Big Time Rush. You may be thinking of Drake and Josh their little sister's name was Meghan and that is played by Miranda Cosgrove aka ICarly. If your thinking of Kendall Knight's little sister Katie that is played by Ciara Bravo. <<<--- FYI, they had a guest star who's actresses name was Megan... on Big Time Crush

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Does Big Time Rush go to college or university?

I don't think any of them have gone to college or university yet.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Does Big Time Rush live together?

yes they do live further in a big house its actually 2 some people believe that its 3

Jonas Brothers
Big Time Rush (TV Series)

What is James Maslow's favorite movie?

Zoolander. But her says he secretly likes Bring it On. The guys know he likes that movie, but most of his other friends don't know.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Who are Big Time Rush's girlfriends?

All the members of big time rush are single at the moment.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Who is plays joe from Big Time Rush?

Her name is Katelyn Tarver

Celebrity Relationships
Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Is kendall schmidt and katelyn tarver in a relationship?

no they arent

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Will Big time rush make a third season of their TV show?

I am assuming they would because the show is really popular. So most likely yes.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

Who is the oldest Big Time Rush member?

Carlos is the oldest, even though he doesn't completely look it.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

How old is Logan knight from Big Time Rush?

In the show the character Logan Mitchell is 16 years old, but in real life the actor Logan Henderson is 21 years old.

Big Time Rush (TV Series)

How much does it cost to have big time rush play at a block party?

20,000$ I called and asked and I was like wow that's a whole lot of money! sorry its really expensive!


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