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Genealogy is the study or investigation of ancestry and family lineage. Also known as family history or tracing your family tree. Genealogists record the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors; and record the findings on pedigree charts, group records, or in family history books.

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What are the names of Michael Jackson's children?

The Jackson 3 These are the names of the late Michael Jackson's children: son - Michael Joseph Jr known as Prince (b. 1997) daughter - Paris- Michael Katherine (b. 1998) son - Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) (b. 2002) Read all about Michael Jackson on, via the Related Link. ...
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Who were the Aryans?

The Aryans were historically an ancient people from central Asia around the Caspian Sea, and they had a profound influence on the formation of ancient India and Persia/Iran- in fact, the Iranian name for their own country means "land of the Aryans", and goes back over two thousand years. Because the real Aryans lived in a time before writing was commonplace, we don't know a lot about their early history, except that thousands of years ago a group of them invaded India;...
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What are the names of Dorothy Day's grandchildren?

Martha Hennessey is the 7th of the 9 grandchildren of Dorothy. Martha is very much involved in the Catholic Worker movement. She lives in Vermont and has a website - she gives talks about Dorothy and the CW movement. If you go to her website you can email her and get the names of her eight brothers and sisters. ...
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What relation is your sister's grandson to you?

Your sister's grandson is your great nephew. You are his great aunt (if you are a woman) or his great uncle (if you are a man). ...
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Did Bobby Rydell ever marry and have a family?

Yeah, Bobby Rydell married, his wife is Linda Hoffman.
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Can Jr change to II when Sr dies?

Using Jr. and Sr. is a separate system from describing people as the First, the Second, the Third, etc. If Joe Sr. dies, Joe Jr. can become Joe Sr. This would only be useful if Joe Jr. has a son named Joe so that there are three or more generations with the identical name. Sammy Davis, Jr., for example, eventually performed only as Sammy Davis, not as Sammy Davis, Sr. or as Sammy David II, because he had no son named...
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Who was Ivan Cousins?

Ivan Cpusins met Dorothy D. McWilliams (sister to Julia Childs) at Bennington College in Vermont, later courted her in France, and married her on June 23, 1951 in New York. He served in the US Navy during WWII and rose to lieutenant commander. He piloted a PT boat in the Pacific. He was an actor and worked for the Economic Cooperation Administration, which administered the Marshall Plan. He was the proprietor of an English and American antiques business at 310A Caledonia in Sausalito. ...
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What is the mestizo religion?

There is no Mestizo religion. However, since most Mestizos live in regions that were formerly part of the Spanish Empire, most Mestizos are nominally Roman Catholic, as are most of the people in general in those regions. ...
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What is a second uncle?

According to Collins Dictionary, cousin : uncle :: second cousin : second uncle. The father of your cousin is your uncle, so the father of your second cousin is your second uncle. It is a way to remove some of the ambiguity of the "first cousin once removed" relationship. This term is used all over the world and is slowly gaining acceptance in the US due to its ability to distinguish the generation of each person. ...
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Why do you call your ancestors ancestors?

"Ancestor" is the English word for those from whom you are descended. You use that word because that is what the word is. In many ways words are arbitrary sounds that are agreed to have a particular meaning. The English word ancestor comes from the Old French word ancestre. This in turn comes from the Latin word antecessor. They all derive from from the Latin verb antecedere, meaning to precede or go before, which is what an ancestor did. So your ancestor's ancestor is...
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Marathas and Rajputs both same?

No they are not. Marathas are from Maharashtra (the state where Bombay is located) and Rajputs from Rajasthan (Jaipur located) ...
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What is the English name of Korameenu?

Koramenu Common names:bullseye snakehead; giant snakehead; great snakehead; cobra snakehead; Indian snakehead; soal (Pakistan); haal (Assam, India); sal, gajal (West Bengal, India); pumurl, bhor (Bijar, India); kubrah, sawal, dowlah (Punjab, India); saal (Orissa, India); poomeenu, phoola-chapa, phool-mural (Andra Pradesh, India); aviri, puveral (Tamil Nadu, India); chaeru-veraal, curuva, bral (Kerala, India); hoovina-murl, madinji, aviu (Karnataka, India); ara, gangara, kalumaha (Sinhalese, Sri Lanka); iru viral (Tamil, Sri Lanka); ara (Sri Lanka); trey raws (Cambodia)....
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Who is a descendant?

A person's descendants are his or her children, grandchildren, great grand children great great grandchildren, etc., etc. That is, your descendants include anyone who can trace his or her ancestry directly back to you. ...
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What is the meaning of the surname Boleyn?

Boleyn is an English varation of the surname Bullen which is an English habitational name from the French Channel port of Boulogne. It is believed derived from the Latin word bonus meaning 'good' but may stem from the Gaulic word bona which means 'foundation'. Boulogne has long been a major trading port between England and France. ...
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What do you call your uncle's uncle?

Assuming we are talking direct line, your uncle is a sibling to one of your parents. His uncle is also an uncle to one of your parents and therefore your grand uncle. ...
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What is the opposite of great uncle?

There is no such thing as an "opposite" of a great uncle. The female form of great uncle is great aunt. The person to whom you are a great uncle is your great niece or great nephew, depending on their sex. None of these are opposites. ...
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What nationality is the surname Fowler?

The surname Fowler has been traced back to English and Scottish origin, and is linguistically derived from fugelere, a classification of "bird-catcher". ...
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What is the difference between surname and first name?

The surname is the name of the family. The "first name" in western cultures is the personal name of the individual. In some eastern cultures, the family name is given first and the personal name follows, so these English language terms become confusing when used in that context. ...
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What animal is in the Parsons family crest?

A Coat of Arms granted to a Parsons family is red, with three gold leopard's faces. ...
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What is the family crest for the Ahmed's?

Family crests or coats of arms started as paintings on shields to identify a warrior during a battle. During the medieval period the meanings of the paintings became formalised and changed from identifying a single person to identifying a family. Each design on the crest had a meaning. For instance gold rings on a coat of arms means that the family was wealthy. Spears meant the family had prowess in battle. Later coats of arms had motto's added usually written in Latin. Coats...
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What is the origin of the word 'stepchild'?

Step- Old English. steop-, with connotations of "loss," in combinations like steopcild "orphan," related to astiepan, bestiepan "to bereave, to deprive of parents or children," from P.Gmc. *steupa- "bereft" (cf. O.Fris. stiap-, O.N. stjup-, Swed. styv-, M.L.G. stef-, Du. stief-, O.H.G. stiof-, Ger. stief-), lit. "pushed out," from PIE *steup-, from base *(s)teu- (see steep (adj.)). Etymologically, a stepfather or stepmother is one who becomes father or mother to an orphan, but the notion of orphanage faded in 20c. For sense evolution, cf. L....
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Where does the surname Larkin come from?

From the Surname Index: "English or sometimes Irish. If English it is derived from a diminutive of the pre 10th century Old French personal name Lawrence or Laurence, itself derived from the Roman word meaning 'victory'. To this has been added the suffix "-kin", meaning a close relative or perhaps son of. If Irish it is a developed form of the Gaelic surname O'Lorcain, the prefix O' meaning 'male descendant of', with the suffix Lorcan, originally a personal name meaning fierce or cruel!" Answer The...