Surnames, also known as last names, are passed down from our ancestors, and connect us to our family. In this category, you will find questions about the use of surnames and their meanings.

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What nationality is the surname De Sousa?

It is Portuguese and it is correctly spelled de Sousa. The "de" means of in Portuguese and it means of Sousa, which was a place in Portugal. The original bearers of this surname were nobility.

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Is Dennis an Irish surname?

The Dennis families of County Cork may have been Ó Donnghusa who anglicized their surname.

The English surname Dennis is first found in the records of Lancashire, after the Norman Conquest that began in 1066 A.D.

The French version of this surname is first found in Champagne, where they'd held family seat since the most ancient of days.

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What is the origin of the surname 'Moman'?

Swedish name meaning man from sandy heath.

NOTE: Other origins such as Irish, Germanic or Galician, are also possible. See for instance:

Artists and Painters

Full names and surnames of three famous French Painters?

Here are some famous painters from France:

  • Marie-Rosalie or Rosa Bonheur, whose well-known art painting, The Horse Fair, is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art;
  • Jean Desire Gustave Courbet. Two famous paintings of his are Burial at Ornans and The Painter's Studio, both of which are in the Louvre;
  • Henri Rousseau, who painted The Snake Charmer, also at the Louvre; and for good measure,
  • Eugene Delacroix, the famous painter whose works include Dante and Virgil, and Death of Sardanapalus.
History of Asia

Which surnames fall under Sindhi Brahmins?

Sharma, Bhatia, Goswami

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Where did the surname Arrington originate?

Family names ending in "-ington" are English and mildly classy in England.

I found the following accounts posted on the Arrington Family Genealogical Forum at "THE SURNAME 'ARRINGTON' "The surname Arrington has been said in family folklore to be of German origin. How this tale began I am unsure but I am sure that the name Arrington is of English origin. "English surnames began in the middle ages when it was common to identify one with an area from which they came. For example; my name is Richard and I am from Franklin County therefore I might be referred to as Richard of Franklin. As years passed the 'of' was dropped and in the above example I would then become known as Richard Franklin. This is how the Arrington name came into existence in England. "The name is said to have originally been "Ermington" and eventually changed, in England, to Arrington. "The township of Arrington is located ten miles southwest of Cambridgeshire England. Also located in the township is the landowners manor." And then there was this brief account: "The earliest recorded use of the Arrington surname was in a document in London, England in 1273. During research one might find the Arrington surname spelled in a variety of ways. I observed it spelled as Arington, Earington, Arenton, Arrinton, Arrendon and etc.. When I found the name spelled in a way other than our common spelling I researched further to ensure the subject was indeed an Arrington. The early records in the United States were generally written phonetically and so often a variety of spellings were prevalent."

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What is the origin of the surname 'Wadsworth'?

Wadsworth is English for Wad's enclosure. Wad is a nickname for Waeddi. Also, Wadsworth is a village in West Yorkshire, England, near Huddersfield.


What does the surname Tian mean?

Tian means Field and cultivated land or Tian can mean Sky and Heaven

English Football

Name 5 footballers whose surnames are also the names of a flower?

3 crackers here lads to get you started:-

1) David Bourgainvillea

2) Ruud Tulip

3) Pep Gladioli


What are the Christian surnames listed in India?

Some of them are Aurora, Thomas, Titus, Pinto

Napoleon Bonaparte

What is the surname of Napoleon?

The surname of Napoleon was Bonaparte.

Originally di Buonaparte.

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Where does the name Mesa come from?

The Spanish surname Mesa is first found in Castellano, or Castille.

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What is the origin of the surname LABAS?

Labas pronunciation: Lay-bus is typically eastern European. Quite possibley it is exclusive to te Hungarian culture.

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What does the name Long mean in English?

The name Long comes from the Olde English "lang" which means "long, tall." Ultimately it comes from Latin "longus" of the same meaning.

Famous Native Americans

What are some Native American surnames?

Mankiller, Thorpe, Cleghorn, Redwing, War Eagle, Thunder, (Bob) Barker, Spears, Standing Bear, and Young Deer are some rather famous Native American surnames.

Human Rights

What the procedure for adding surname in name?

in india, especally in state of tamilnadu, people use their father name {piority} or their mother name as their surname name. they don't have family name or house name. For example current tamilnadu chief minister name is M.Karunanidhi because his father name is Muthuvelar and mother name is Anjugam, he given his father name as his surname and initial. And his childrens keeps his name as surname, for example M.K.Stalin. But in case of other state they will keep their family name or their house name as their surname.

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Is nand lal from India?

The surname Nand-Lal originates from India, they immigrated to Trinidad apparently to help in the cotton fields. Family history has it that one of the Nand-lal brothers became a banker and then wealthy land owner and sent his sons to University in the UK, one was an Engineer, another a Doctor, and it is believed that the other was an Accountant. The brother Raman who was sent to the UK to study medicine first went to Edinburgh University an then to Birmingham to finish his studies... it was too cold for him in Edinburgh.

You will find a few Nand-lal or Nand surnames in the UK as the -lal was dropped by some due to complications with UK people understanding the nature of the spelling.

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What is the origin of the surname Foo?

Foo, usually spelled Fu, is a very common Chinese surname. It possibly came from Fu Yue, the prime minister of the Yin Dynasty.

Name Origins

What is the origin of the surname 'Leetham'?

A quick search of some surname/genealogical sites turned several instances of people named Leetham from the Yorkshire, England area.

I have an old family photograph which must date from between 1850 to 1900.

It is a group shot of about a dozen people standing outside a building called the Plough Inn, above the door is the proprietors name, Robert Dunlop.

In careful printing on the card frame is "TAKEN IN LEETHAM".

I can find no reference anywhere to a place called LEETHAM but I suspect at that time it may have referred to a district somewhere around Grantham in Lincolnshire.

The surname and place name are probably associated.

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What is the nationality of the surname Kidd?

The Scottish last name Kidd is from a medieval personal name Kid, a variation of Kit, a nickname of Christopher. The English surname Kidd is from Middle English kid(e) 'young goat', an occupational name for a goat herder.

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What is the origin of the surname 'Heirless'?

Heirless means having no heirs. I have never seen it used as a name, though.

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What is the origin of the surname Franklin?

1. English: status name from Middle English frankelin 'Franklin', a technical term of the feudal system, from Anglo-Norman French franc 'free' 2) + the Germanic suffix -ling. The status of the Franklin varied somewhat according to time and place in medieval England; in general, he was a free man and a holder of fairly extensive areas of land, a gentleman ranked above the main body of minor freeholders but below a knight or a member of the nobility.

2. The surname is also borne by Jews, in which case it represents an Americanized form of one or more like-sounding Jewish surnames.

3. In modern times, this has been used to Americanize François, the French form of Francis.

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What is the origin of the surname 'Dillon'?

It is a male name of Celtic origin. It means "faithful".


The Dillons came to Ireland at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion. The name is not of Celtic origin.

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What is the origin of the surname 'Oliver'?

The surname Oliver is derived from the Old French personal name Olivier. The Oliver surname (meaning "seller, or processor of olive oil") seems to be French Norman in origin. The Olivers were probably part of William the Conqueror's Norman Invasion of Britain in 1066. The Oliver family was a sept of the Scotland Highlands' powerful Fraser Clan and was a very powerful clan themselves in Roxburghshire and the Borders area. It arrived in Scotland in the 1300s. This Old French name was introduced to Scotland and Ireland by the Normans . During the Middle Ages , it was a popular name throughout Europe. It was borne by one of Charlemagne's paladins and friend of Roland . Ostensibly, the name is said to derive from the Latin olivarius, meaning "olive tree". However, all of Charlemagne's paladins bore Germanic names; and the Latin derivation of the name may be a result of folk etymology working on an unidentified Germanic personal name, possibly a cognate of Alvaro; or possibly distantly connected with the old Norse Óleifr, meaning "ancestral relic".

The Catalan and (Occitan) French surname is topographic name. It is derived from oliver, meaning "olive tree". It may also be related to the homonymous name listed above.

Political Office Holders

What are the names and surnames of governors in each Namibian region?

Omusati Regional Governor Sackey Kayone Ohangwena Regional Governor Usko Nghaamwa Oshikoto Regional Governor Penda ya Ndakolo Oshana Regional Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa Erongo regional Governor, Samuel Nuuyoma Caprivi regional Governor Leonard Mwilima Khomas Region regional Governor Sophia Shaningwa Karas Regional Governor David Boois Hardap Regional Governor Katrina Hanse-Himarwa Kunene Regional Governor T. Dudu Murorua Omaheke Regional Governor Laura McLeod


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