Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state in India with a total area of 275,045 square kilometers (106,195 square miles). Its capital is Hyderabad where several pharmaceutical companies can be found.

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Andhra Pradesh
Caste System

Do srikrishnadevaraya belong to kapu caste?

Yes he belongs to Kapu caste

Travel & Places
Andhra Pradesh

Pictures various types of vegetation in India?

go to google or any other site so you can find anything u want

Andhra Pradesh

Who is the current chairman of andhra bank?

mr. r.s.reddy

History, Politics & Society
Andhra Pradesh

Who were the leaders of the struggle for liberation of Hyderabad and Goa?

i remember some of the name like swami ramanand tirth ,narayan reddy ,siraj-ul-hassan tirmiazi ,

Andhra Pradesh
Caste System

Are people with surname dhotre schedule caste?


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Andhra Pradesh
Telugu Language and Culture

What is the Telugu name of cranberry fruit?

beri kaya is the name of the fruit in telugu.

Andhra Pradesh
Senior Secondary Certificate SSC

How many territorial constituencies does Andhra Pradesh divided?


Andhra Pradesh

How many flyovers in the Hyderabad city?





Begumpet0.9 KM

Greenlands 1.1 KM

Panjagutta2.0 KM

Basheerbagh0.5 KM

Narayanguda0.5 KM

Telugu Talli1.1 KM

Khairatabad0.6 KM

Dabeerpura0.5 KM

Tarnaka600 Mtrs

Jamia Osmania (over the railway track)0.5 KM

Nalgonda X Roads540 Mtrs

Chandrayangutta480 Mtrs

Masabtank0.9 KM

NEW FLYOVERS (Under Construction)

Existing FlyoverLengthProgress

Express Highway: Mehdipatnam to Aramghar

11.5 KM 3.5 KM (City Limits)Work under progress

Langer House

0.76 KMWork under progress

Andhra Pradesh

Can gaikwad belongs to schedule caste community?


Andhra Pradesh
Caste System

What caste does surname gudla belong?

This surname belongs to reddys (pokanati) and (gotharm-vindya mara) (there is a village name called gudlavaripalle located at kadapa district and in penagaluri mandal)

Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
Telugu Language and Culture

Where can you find about 'karnakammulu' Telugu brahmin subsect?

There are about two hundred families of the Karnakammulu Telugu brahmin subsect community in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu, India. Karnakammulu is a plural form of village karanams in Telugu language. Many people write or pronounce the same rightly or in a wrongway such as karnakammalu , Karnakammulu,karnakommulu, etc. A study of this sect concludes that these brahmins were predominantly village karanams in the western districts of Tamilnadu. As for as Andhrapradesh is concerned there exists in Venkatagiri a street called Karnakammula street and another by the same name in Kurnool. There is also an association called Karnakamma Mahasabha in Nellore.

It is learnt that there were no vedic scholars in this community who completed adhyayanam in a recocgnised vedic school.Most of the purohits were from mulakanadu,velandu, Telaganyam or konaseema dravillu. This community was one of the last subsects to reccognise the value of higher education. Most of them were very proud of their small land holdings. They are the people of docile nature. They are peace loving, conservative and were backward in education and standard of living due to their poor income. Many living in Tamil Nadu had even given up their "intiperlu" (family names, known as surnames in English). With great difficulty one could trace certain intiperlu like pattala, kuppili, gadiyaram, veeravalli, Vittaladevula, Koduri, Margabandula etc.

To improve the spoken Telugu at their homes, Karnakammulu Telugu brahmins I get their my sons and daughters married in coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is not a surprise to find some Rigvedi (ఋగ్వేది) priests even in Kurnool belong to karnakammulu. Most of the native people of Andhra Pradesh even doubt that Karnakammulu Telugu brahmins are not brahmins but kammas. If you refer to website of Dr VEPACHEDU Karnakakammulu are classified as a minor sect of Niyogi brahmins alongwith Nandavaideeki and Golkonda vyaparlu. Happily since the past fifteen years karnakammas have improved by leaps and bounds and many of them caught up with other brahmins(Telugu,Tamil, or Kannada) in higher education, they get well paid jobs in India as well as abroad. They are today more confident.

There are two subdivisions in karnakammulu namely BALAGANATIVALLU and KOLINCHATIVALLU. "Kolinchati " might have been originally KOLICHETI(means measuring in Telugu) and some people even twist it as KOLINCHANADU which does not seem to have any proper base. Perhaps some of the Coimbatore brahmins might have twisted it that way keeping in mind KOLINCHAVADI near Darapuram which is a famous Agraharam of Tamil Vadama brahmins.

Kolinchati karnakambulu belong invariably to the RUKSAKA(ie, rigvedi రుగ్వేది ) while the Balaganatibranch are invariably in YAJURVEDIS (యజుర్వేది). You can find Balaganadu KANNADA smartha people in Bangalore. It is not known whether the few Balaganadu brahmins in Tamilnadu are more close to vaideeki by profession whereas kolinchati karnakambulu who carried Karnam or Karaneekam are closer to the Niyogis.

The marriage paddati followed by the karanakambuluis very similar to Madhva paddati particularly the Kankana preparation which is done by a dozen of dampatulu passing the kankana thread three times with the vadhu and varudu in the centre. Till early fifties before mangalya dharanam the bride used to be attired in white sari with red border which is the standard for Andhra brahmins. which was very much the same during the marriages in 1949 and 1953. Only sarees of 8 yards in typical teluguvari kattu was practised alongwith Bashingaluworn by both the bride and groom in their foreheads. Nowdays the brides are wearing yellow silk sari.

Karnakambulu ladies used to be good cooks possessing a wonderful recipe unique to their community. Food used to be cooked and served liberally and all brahmanical functions, vrathams, poojas as well as religious ceremonies are maintained decently to this day.

All karnakambulu brahmins who happen to read this are requested to contribute their views, comments as well as their own supplementary data.

Andhra Pradesh
Caste System

What is the caste of surname parui?

Parui is a kayastha surname....

Andhra Pradesh

List of red light areas in jaipur?

Achrol near kukas.....and narena near fullera............and in vidyadhar nagar

Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

Who is the power minister of uttar pradesh?

Shri Ramvir Upadhyay

Andhra Pradesh

Which castes in Andhra Pradesh have andukuri surname?

i think kammas have that surname

Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

Where is palia kalan in uttar pradesh?

palia kalan is in lakhimpur kheri distt in uttar pradesh..... its 10 km from dudhwa national park and 35 km from Nepal border...

Andhra Pradesh
Caste System

Which caste does actress rekha belongs to?


Andhra Pradesh
Indian Politicians
Caste System

Which caste does Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao belong?

Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar belongs to velumas.

Andhra Pradesh

22 carat gold price per gram in India today?


Andhra Pradesh
Hindu Festivals

When was sri Rama navami in 1984?

10th April

Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh Technical University UPTU

Who is the education minister of uttar pradesh?

netrapal singh from agra

shri Ranvir singh is right

Ramvir singh is rong

-The controversy rages on...

Andhra Pradesh

Do Kapu belong to Kshatriyas?

Some believe that some Kapus are Kshatriyas, though others believe Kapus are in another caste.

For more information, please see the Related Links.

Andhra Pradesh
All India Council For Technical Education AICTE

What are the top 100 engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh?


Here i am mentioning the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh:

  1. JNTU, Hyderabad
  2. OU College of Engineering Hyderabad
  3. AU College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam
  4. JNTU, Kakinada, East Godavari
  5. CBIT, Hyderabad
  6. SVU College of Engineering, Tirupati
  7. JNTU, Ananthapur
  8. Vasavi College of Engineeing, Rangareddy
  9. Nimra College of Engineering & Technology, Vijayawada
  10. Gayatri Vidyaparshit College of Engineerig, Madhuravada, Visakhapatnam

You can find more details and list of engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh by visiting the link mentioned in the Source and Reference below....

Andhra Pradesh
Caste System

Cherukupally surnames belongs to which caste?

Brahmin (OC)

Padmashali, BC(B)

Andhra Pradesh

Is vasudeva surname related to Brahmin's caste?

Vasudevas are brahmins


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