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Yes, he did, bot more dancers and horses.

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Q: Did Edgar Degas paint portraits
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What kind of paintings did Edgar Degas paint?

Degas was most famous for his painting of ballet and of dance. He also began his career painting portraits, though. Some of his other works include portraits, sketches of women, sculptures (mostly of dancers and ballerinas), and some landscapes.

Who drew the self-portraits of Edgar Degas?

A SELF-portrait is painted of the artist by himself. So, Degas himself.

In what style did Edgar Degas paint?

Degas painted in the impressionist style.

When did Edgar degas paint the ballerina?


What subjects did Edgar Degas use?

Ballet dancers, portraits of people, race horses.

Edgar Degas liked to paint movement?

Yes, he did.

When did Edgar Degas paint?

From 1852 till his death in 1917.

How old was Edgar Degas when he started to paint impressionist?

He was about 40.

What is the media of Edgar Degas' Horse racing in Longchamps?

Degas was a painter, Horseracing in Longhcamps is oil paint on canvas.

What paint did Edgar Degas use in his famous pictures?

Oil paint and in some cases pastels.

Where did the paints from Edgar Degas came from?

They could be bought in a paint shop.

How did Edgar Degas paint?

Click link below for a sample of his work!

Is there a reason why Edgar Degas used oil on canvases?

Most painters after 1450 have used oil paint. So did Degas.

How old was Edgar Degas when he started to paint?

I think he was 4 when he started if I am correct.

What techniques did Edgar Degas use?

Oil paint, pastel, graphics, sculpture.

What museum did Edgar Degas often go to paint?

He often went to the Louvre.

What is Edgar Degas subject of his art?

It is ballet of dance and later in his career he started portraits of most likely women and rarely landscapes.

What made Edgar Degas want to paint dancers and racehorses?

He was interested in bodies at work.

What is Edgar Degas' favorite subject to paint?

he is an impresimistic but prefers to be called a realist. He does mostly ballerinas

If Edgar Degas and Andy Warhol were to get together and paint what would their art style be called?

Pop Expressions

Did Edgar Degas paint the Louvre?

Not the exterior, but on painting is called Miss Cassatt in the Louvre.

What artist like to paint ballet live?

Edgar Degas is known for painting ballet scenes.

When was Edgar Degas born?

Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834.

What is Edgar Degas's birthday?

Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834.

What is Edgar's birthday?

Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834.