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yes she got a medical degree

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Did Elizabeth Blackwell win any rewards?

she won many awards nobody knows if they were even special but they do make sense in her discovery

Did Elizabeth Blackwell have any children?

no she did not have children

Did elizabeth blackwell have any pets?


Did elizabeth barrett browning win any awards?

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How many children did Elizabeth blackwell have?

Elizabeth Blackwell did not have any children and she never married. She preferred to devote her life to her education and career and never seemed interested in sacrificing her independence for a family.

Did Elizabeth Blackwell have any other job except for being a doctor?

no never

Are there any buildings named after elizabeth blackwell?

Yes there is a School, Hostpital and an award.

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He did not receive any.

Did Mary Read ever receive any awards?

Probably not, not often do pirates receive awards.

Where do you get pictures of Elizabeth Blackwell child?

Elizabeth Blackwell was born before the camera was invented but there are pictures of the later in life, you can find them by typing her name followed by the word pics, or pictures on any search engine.

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Did elizabeth blackwell have any struggles?

yes , she did type her name in google and ask about a biography and you will see!

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