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Q: Did Eric clapton play on rolling stone track doom and gloom?
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What is a magazine that starts with R?

Rolling Stone Road and Track Readers Digest Redbook The Robb Report

Which muddy waters song was rolling stone magazine named after?

Well, I believe the magazine was named after the Bob Dylan track 'Like a Rollin' Stone', but there is a Muddy Waters song called 'Rollin' Stone', which is also sometimes known as 'Catfish Blues'. That's the song that the Rolling Stones took their name from.

Does britney spears want to get her life back on track?

yes because now she is promoting a cd and is the spotlight on rolling stone and glamour magazine

Who Recently recording of like a rolling stone?

Green Day did a punk version of this song and featured it as a bonus track in their 8th studio album, 21st Century Breakdown

How good is 'The Great Pretender'?

"The Great Pretender" by the Platters is very good. So good in fact that this track managed to rank 360th in the list of all time songs compiled by Rolling Stone magazine.

When rolling on the horizontal track what would keep the ball going?

If the track was perfectly level then there would have to be an external force applied.

What is track 3 of girls aloud out of control?

rolling back the rivers, i think

What type of friction is involved in train moving along a track?

Rolling Friction

Did Eric Clapton record a song with the Beatles in 1968?

Yes, he played guitar on the Beatles' album track "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

When did the Rolling Stones release Brown Sugar?

Brown Sugar was the opening track of the Rolling Stone's album Sticky Fingers, and was released in May of 1971. The song was written and recorded in December of 1969, however it could not be released until May 1971 because of legal issues between the band and its previous record label.

Did the Beatles cover Satisfaction?

The Beatles never covered Satisfaction nor did they ever play it in concert. It is possible that they jammed with it, as Paul played the "fuzz" bass on "Think For Yourself", which may have evolved from its use on the Rolling Stone's original track.

Can you make a sentence using the word rapidly?

The train was rapidly rolling down the track.