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yes, he did when a bomb fell through the roof of his laboratory in World War 2 and destroyed his experimental results

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Q: Did Francis Crick change his career in World War 2?
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Did francis crick change from his career in physics when a bomb fell through the roof of his laboratory in world war 2?

yes, it destroyed his experimental results

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ME!!! It would be nice if people would be serious about answering questions. Children of all ages come here to get help with homework and could use the CORRECT ANSWER which is: James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. Sorry but your wrong. The real answer is not Wotson and Crick but is really Rosalind Franklin back in 1898. If I were you I would look in the textbook because this is confusing children who look for the correct answer but get stuck in a situation where there are two different answers, I wouldn't turn to the internet for help if I were you. You're smart. All you need to do is think. Now I sound like a motivational speaker.. :/ ~Soon to be motivational speaker :P

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